Saturday, June 30, 2007


i really wanna learn to sew. i wanna sew my own clothes. now, i just design clothes that i would love to wear but its kinda like pointless because i dont know how to sew. if i think my designs are appropriate enough for mama to approve, i'll tell her and she'll make them for me. i wanna learn from mama but she has been busy and even if i go to her while she's sewing, she would say that she'll teach me properly next time. right now she's kinda like in a rush so she couldnt really teach me. so i just continue designing all this clothes. in my head. well because, i dont know how to draw either. yeaa, i'm not that talented of a girl. so i imagine these designs. and describe them to explain how it should look like.

its not like i design such fashionable clothes or anything. just clothes that are just so hard to find in malaysia. i love how arabic girls dress. they're my inspirationla konon. ;) and  then i just add a bit of my own touch. and i love black. i love how classy it looks. some people say everything in black is just plain boring. but i like it. black is just me.

mama is asleep. i should be asleep too. its just me and mama this weekend.

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