Wednesday, July 4, 2007

be positive la azie.

we're going tomorrow and i havent packed a single thing. malas. not in the mood. why do i have to be so negative about this house thing. i mean its not going to be sooo bad. yea, well the house is tiny. and it needs a lot of cleaning. and there's no bed. no desk. no kipas. no nothing. but well, like i said before, at least i'll have a roof to stay under. a roof. and well i'll have floors. and walls. and doors. that should be enough rite?



  1. ala slow and steady...last minute do not mean everything is bad...look bang ngah all wut he's doing is last minute...but no problem pun...yup that shoot be enough that u have roof and floor...but one thing i think u better have is fan coz now is jerebu and the cuaca is sooo hot ;) to spell cuaca in english???whether is wrong rite???

  2. hehehe.
    yeaa, i'm bringing a desk fan.
    cant live wthout kipas!
    cuaca is weather ;)
    but using bahasa rojak is ok wif me. more fun, in fact! =)

  3. haha i know...
    the fan now is needed not wanted...
    owh cuaca is weather...
    at uitm u live in hostel or u already have a rent house???
    want or not i terpaksa used bahasa rojak penang coz some of word i dunot know...