Tuesday, July 3, 2007

everythings gonna be ok.

i already typed like 2 pages just now and suddenly i pressed apa ntah, it all disappeared. tension btul when that happens. so now nak type balik pun dah cam not in the mood. dah x ingat. =( i have bad memory, remember?

but i still want to express everything. but this is the more short version la.

we've found a house. mira's friend found it for us. and it has been such a chaos. being like a thousand miles away from that place and having to deal with all this. i mean i dont even know how that house looks like. will it be comfortable for us. i dont even know if there will be beds or not. takut jadi cam orang korea plak. tdoq guna tilam ja. ;( mira said the house is 2 tingkat but it only has 2 rooms. initially, we were going to stay just the 5 of us and then we got news that our other friends who at first didnt get uitm, has suddenly got uitm. so we're gonna stay the 7 of us. including shiqin. yeay!! =D i was so sad when i knew that shiqin didnt get uitm but now she'll be living with us too. so very da syok la. me, diana and shiqin will be staying together.


i've setteled the payment today. i cant believe that i'm barely 19 and i already have to stay at my own renting house.  i know that its about time that i learn about responsibilities and stuff. not to be such dependent on other people. well i have been independent practically since 13. i only went back home on the weekends to basuh baju. and i did it by myself too. i wash them, i sidai and i iron by myself. i never let mama did them for me. i was just a lil bit dependent on the washing machine. so i guess i could call myself independent. but then renting  a house means, we'll have to settle the water and electric bills. and  then how bout cooking? will we have to take turns? aiyaaa, i'm not that good of a cook. i think la. i mean i can cook the best maggi in the world. and i make the most delicious toasts. but well. thats about it. haha. kidding. i cook. yup, i do. yup, azie cooks. ok, next topic.

its near intec so i hope we could just walk to our class. mama suh blajaq bawak motor but i refused. she said papa can buy me a scooter if i know how to use one. but i said i'd rather walk. ececey, skarang blehla blagak cakap nak jalan. nnt mulala, panas la , jauh la, apa la. see? i'm crictisizing myself. i know my own weaknesses. thats good rite? alaaa, what did i wrote just now aa? dah lupa laa.

mmmmm, i just hope everything will be fine. been praying non stop that Allah will make everything easy for us. well atleast i dont have to worry about not having a roof to shelter me when i get there. and i'll have my buddies by my side. so i'll be ok. insyAllah.

i have to say i'm excited of starting my degree. cant wait to get in my studies again. haha. i cant believe i just said that. kat skola dlu, i would never say such thing. i hate having to study in school. guess now i'm a changed person. yup, azie now enjoys her classes and feels high spirited each time a new semester begins. go tesl!! papa would be so proud knowing this. =p

ok lah. mama panggil makan roti canai plak dah. papa baru balik. its 10.36pm and i'm going to eat roti canai. ahh, who cares.



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