Saturday, July 28, 2007

a lot to say.

I'M HOME!!!!! =D

i kinda like suddenly made up my mind to come home this weekend because suddenly i felt sick after 3 weeks in uitm shah alam. homesick that is =p. so here i am. and oh yeah, there's another reason why i'm home this weekend. a reason that strongly insisted me to come home. hehehe.

uitm shah alam.

nice? yes.

big? huge!

fun? sometimes.

the hostel? niiice.

the food? ok laa.

the people? weird. haha.

seriously the people here are just plain weird. weird in what way? well i'm not sure how to describe it. its kinda like in the movie 'mean girls' punya weird. got me? people act too much and sometimes become plain dumb to act cool. yeah i know this is shah alam and you're supposed to be fantastic or something? oh c'mon..... if you really are that fantastic, it would shine out without you having to show it off. yeaa, i can see that most of the teslians here are great. they speak English like an english or americans or aussies. (haha!) and their ideas in class are just superb. i'm amazed by them. really. compared to me, i'm like still in pre tesl and they're like in masters. haha. thats exaggerating. but yeah, they're good.

the lecturers are differrent too. they're more open. open in several aspects. ;)   maybe its the culture for urban people. urban? yeaa, i think they're urbanised enough to be called urbanised people. i think its the culture for them to be so overly open minded about issues that should be discussed in a more sensitive manner. lecturers are just humans btw. what they say can be completely true and some can be totally false so it depends on the listeners to take in whats good for them and play the deaf ear to the things that i believe shouldnt have been said at all. but i think its a good thing because at least we get to argue in class. (yeah rite. like i am cukup berani ja nak argue. haha) i wish i had the courage to speak out what was in my mind but i'm azie yg susahnya nak buang dia punya malu tak bertempat tu. but i should really try becoming more extrovert. like my classmates that are originally shah alam students. they're so outspoken. they can speak whatever they want in class. with utmost confidence. something that i've never been able to do because takut salah and malu kalau tergagap. hahaha.

classes have been fun. but somehow i enjoy classes during pre more. i miss learning grammar with ms mel. i miss doing presentations for my familiar classmates. i miss writing essays. i mean essays that are fun. now, we only get to do essays about certain issues. boring issues. but i'll survive. insyaAllah. and the jadual here is nice. only 15 credit hours so that means a lot of time spent back at mawar. doing what? sleeping. haha. what else. and oh yea, i do some reading. cleo is very educational. ;)  and there's always the 2 wackies in my room. i share my room with diana. its supposed to be a 2 persons room but we made it into a 3 persons room because syiqin became more than a loyal visitor. haha. she brought a toto from home and sleeps on the floor. not everynight. like 2 days in a week she would go back to her room and sleep there but most of her time is with us. those 2 are just completely wackos laa. lagi2 syiqin. ya Allah, living with those two is like living with tom and jerry. (sory, i dont watch much cartoons so thats the only close example that i can give. haha). they're constantly fighting and arguing. and screaming at the top of their lungs. (hmm, tom and jerry mn ada jerit kan? nvm). luckily our room is at the hujuuung skali. so jerit2 pun orang tak dengar sangat kut. kut laa. living with them is like practising to become a mother with 10 kids. and all of the kids talk too much. yupp. thats how it is. but it wouldnt be right to be here without them. they're my besties since pre. and we're goin to finish our degree together with excellency. insyaAllah. (lambatnya lagiii. 7 more sems to go!)

haaa, lupa plak. the most adventurous thing in shah alam is the roller coaster ride we have to go through every morning to go to class. because our fac is at section 17 but mawar is at section 2. so we have to take two buses. and kuar 1 hour early. if class starts at 830, we're already waiting for the bus at 730. totally like going back to school kan? dahla intec tu memang mcm skolah pun. but now that we're used to it, the rides are quite fun. yea, i get a lot of bruises by swinging on that thing that we're supposed to hold on to when standing up and by bumping on tiangs and on other people when the bus driver stops abruptly. but yea, its all good.

and oh yea, on 12th august, i'll be entering the busana muslimah competition. hahaha. yea, i know. me? modelling? haha. even when i was signing up i couldnt stop laughing. my friends insisted so much that i enter so yea why not. i'm modelling with muslimah clothes ja pun. and its just a show for mawar occupants. meaning girls only. its actually just to collect the activity coupons. klau aktif, bleh la duk mawar lg sem depan. tak yah cari umah sewa. huhu.

being so near to kl makes the tendency for us to go shopping or maybe just window shopping higher. but i dont have that much money. been using a lot of money here. makan banyak sbb banyak guna tenaga. (alasan). and there's so many beautiful jubah kat kompleks pkns tu. nak sgt beli tapi xdak duit. =(  been hoping and praying that i'll get a lot of money from the ptptn loan. its supposed to kuar semalam btw. tapi tgk xdak pa2 pun. but what i did find out was this:

Bagi membantu ibu bapa atau penjaga meringankan beban dalam menanggung perbelanjaan pendidikan anak-anak penentuan jumlah pinjaman adalah bergantung kepada had pendapatan seperti berikut:

a)  RM3000.00 dan ke bawah - pinjaman penuh

b)  RM3001.00 ke RM5000.00 - pinjaman sebahagian

c) RM5001.00 dan ke atas     - pinjaman yuran

so frustrating laaaa. if i knew this earlier, i would tipu sunnat when filling the form. this is not fair. i need the money. really, i do. nak kena beli buku banyak ni. buku plak smua expensive. around 200 bucks each tau x . haha, yea rite. nak beli henfon barulaa ;(

life has been a lot different here compared to melaka. but i can say that i'm having fun. weird at times. but fun. just hoping that i could really give my best for this sem. i need to get an almost perfect pointer.  prayImage1095 for me ya? =)

look at how i've changed! hahaha.

(left was a pre teslian in alor gajah and the right is a B.Ed teslian in shah alam.)


  1. haha nurul???
    but after dat you become more gergous.
    tp mmg ang dah gorgeous pon..
    u're qualified to enter d busana muslimah compititon la.layak2!
    bangganya aku !!! huhUhu.

  2. azie tlg pebetol ejaan already know my weakness kan..haha

  3. tu la pasai. ada ka patut depa buh nurul dlu. last org pgl aku nurul wktu darjah 3 dlu kut. huhu.
    aku msuk bukn utk menang so klau kalah pun, hg stil kna bangga tau!! hehehe.

  4. i among the weird ones?huhuhuhu...

  5. am i one of the weird ones too azie? hehe

  6. nashrah, cum to tink of it. everyone's normal now. haha. but u, r among the sweetest ones ;)