Wednesday, October 10, 2007

leaving on a jetplane.

i watched the blast off of Soyuz TMA-11 just now. i didnt know that i could be that nervous. like So said la kan, if Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar doesnt come back alive, there would be less handsome people in this world. haha, So buat lawak. but of corzla nauzubillahminzalik. noone would want that to happen. Dr Muszaphar is so much more than a pretty face. i prayed all the while when they were doing the count down. and they took like a couple of seconds after the 3,2,1 to actually blast off and i got scared. i was afraid that the rocket would explode or something(again, nauzubillah). but insyaAllah that Peggy Whitson said everything went well. so just continue praying that they would arrive alive and safe. aaamin. tapi kan, waktu before they entered the orbit kut, the camera showed Dr Muszaphar and he looked sooooo nervous! mesti waktu tu dia baca doa macam2 kan. and like mengucap banyak2. but he still looked cute ;)

he so totally deserves a tribute. he's got brain and looks. and i hope he's got iman too ;) then he would be almost perfect. and whoever he's married to, im dead sure would be as almost perfect as him. *sigh*  haha.20071009angkasawan201203201

im not sure why im being so semangat about this space mission. maybe because he's made Malaysia proud. and being like a representative of the medical community. yea, i know im not in that field but my bestfriends are. almost all of my bestfriends are going to be doctors. so yea, im proud for them. and plus the fact that he's gorgeous ;)

tengok tak iklan kat astro tu? he looked sooo cute. gaya dia tu macam budak2. cumell. hehe.

you should read his blog. he writes well and he's sweet. he's like so grateful for the support that people give him and he says he reads every word that people write to him. how sweet is that! Dr Sheikh Muszaphar's angkasawan blog.

so yea, u go dude!!~ lets ramai2 pray for him ok? :)

''I am living in a dream. A dream and hope of all Malaysians. I am hoping to be the eyes and ears of all Malaysian souls in space. It's time for all Malaysians to dream BIG and reach for the stars ! " (Dr Muszaphar Shukor). so can i dream for you? ;p



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