Saturday, October 6, 2007

nak raya. yeay.

home!!! yeay. i just love announcing that. brings a sense of relief, i guess. ;)

the last 3 weeks have been exhausting. and stressful. because you know, when i dont get enough sleep, i'll turn into a horrible monster. so a monster i was. too much work to complete thanks to the limited time before the hols and of course a big thanks to procrastination. and including all those endless facts that we need to memorize for our tests. ugh, i hate memorizing. not good at it. because memorizing requires good memory. and i dont own that. well not yet. maybe some day in the future, i will. because last week when i was at the library, i found a book. 'Doa-doa untuk hajat' something like that la. its a book of doas. kan ramadhan ni doa makbul. so i read la that book. because i've got like tons of things to ask from Allah. and i found a doa untuk 'permudahkan menghafal ilmu'. so i was like, "yes! bingo!" but the thing is, that doa has to be read for 7days in a row before subuh prayer. i've been trying to practice it but i keep forgetting every time after sahur to recite that doa. so i end up reciting the doa selang-selang hari. macam mana nak makbul camtu. tapi Allah is the most gracious and loving so maybe i'll have like the memory of Einstein just in time for the finals. (einstein has good memory ke? most probably la kan).Dsc06940

syqin candid me being too khusyuk mencari doa. ;D

but now i'm home. and everything's gonna be ok. i am so exageratting about me being at home kan? macam orang lain xda umah ja ;)

anyways, i'll be green this raya. mama bought  a very sweet-looking kain. and the other two are black(of course) and purple. mama tengah jahit sekarang. can't wait for raya!

last thursday we had our class bukak puasa at syed's. makan nasik beriyani. loved it. Img_0003_2

U1B rawks~

last night before we got into our buses, i laughed alot. me and the utarians. there was the kedahans; mimi, firdaous, syamil and hasrul. and penangites; me and fahim. we were joking around while waiting for our bus at 1030pm. we arrived there 1 hour early. semangat btui nak balik ;) and when they were talking, they said something that made me laugh hard. they said i like to  blurt my eyes out when i wanna stress on something. hahaha. i didnt know that i do that. adds up to my monster effect. =D

ok lah,  see you later alligator! ;Image1262)   

haha. i took this pic waktu lingo class. sebab tengah bosan. and mr shah caught me in action. and ejek me after that. maaaaaalu.

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