Sunday, November 11, 2007

All I Need.

ive been developing this new interest of mine. i wouldnt say im superbly talented in it, but i like it. no really, its like those things that we just try to do and then suddenly just wanna keep doing it. guess what it is? writing poems! uhuh. boring? no lah. i love it. especially poems that rhyme. you know, like those for little kids. hehe. guess i still have that little part of me that cant stop loving Dr. Seuss's. anyone who did not have the chance to indulge in Dr Seuss's books as a kid, please do so now! haha. im soooo going to make my kids read his books. i love them. i loved it even more when papa used to read it for me and he made these songs that he created by himself. i told him to read it over and over again until he got tired and told my brother to read it for me. and when my brother read it in a different song or rythm, i told him to stop. haha.

so yea, ive been writing poems for this past year or so. havent really shown it to people sebab malu. yelah, poem cam budak2 je kan. but oh well, who really cares. read them if you wanna read them :)  any comments are most welcomed. positive or negative.

this is one of my first poems. very simple but it actually has a verrry deep meaning as it was meant for someone. but i guess, its something that i expect from everyone now. especially from my friends. so here it goes! (macam gempak ja kan? haha)

All I Need

All i need is the truth,

honesty as the proof.

All i need is respect,

for i'm not at all what you expect.

All i need is loyalty,

that at last will make me happy.

All i need is care,

just to know that you are there.

All i need is sincerity,

so that i can be your azie.

All i need is you,

the one who will forever be true.

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  1. did you really do it?
    impressive.cause its really a poem!.from azie.menjadik.bagos.haha.hUH jeles.