Sunday, November 11, 2007

Buddies On Ice.

we went ice skating last tuesday which was during the long gap before our last paper which was literature which i think i did slightly better than the other papers which went miserably which was because i was sooo lazy which makes me think i should have made myself grounded for being so lazy which means i shouldnt have gone enjoying myself ice skating with the guys whom only went ice skating too because i insisted that we go. so yea, that sentence sums up my final exam weeks. haha.

'we' consisted of diana, syiqin, firdaous, syamil, hasrul and me. ice skating was really, really fun! it was our first time except for syiqin. but she was the one who was most scared to skate. haha, sory syiqin!

i only fell twice. the first time because there was this kid who suddenly appeared in front of me out of nowhere. and because i only know how to skate and not to brake, i had to avoid crashing into that little creature by making a sharp turn which made me fell hard. my butt hurt badly, dude.

the next time was when i was racing with firdaous (which btw, i won!) and he made a sharp turn and because he was not very highly skilled either, almost lost his balance and was going to crash into me and me wanting to avoid crahing into him, sacrificed my butt again by falling down. so yea, only those two times i fell. quite good for a first-timer ey? ;p

we stopped after 3hours because our feets were hurting badly and it was already zuhor at that time. i think that aunty at the skates counter gave me the wrong size because they were sooo ketat that my feet swelled after that and i had to like walk like a penguin on the next day. but ice skating was fun. we're surely gonna come again next sem. wanna join us? ;)

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  1. yes yes yes i wanna join! i x pnah g skating kat sunway even tho i go there lots of times :))

  2. i wanna try it too but afraid if the ice will broke because of my body pressure on it.hehe