Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The House

we've decided to not stay in the hostel for next sem. me, diana and syiqin. so before the sem ended, we were like taking every number that advertised a house rent. and after several phone calls and appointments, we got a house that made us smile.


this is the living room.

its not the prettiest home in shah alam. but we'll live. its very very near to Intec. very near. near as in i can scream and my friends at the fac can hear it. near as in i can wake up at 8.15 and be just on time for class. near as in i can see whether the lecturer has arrived or not. near as in i can look at my friends at the fac from my bedroom window. yup, that near. and the best thing of all, no more rapid kl to go to class! yeeeha!

so if you happen to pass by, sila sila lah ke rumah kami. ;)

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