Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Notebook

i dont normally do reviews. be it movies or books. but i just wanna share about this book that i just finished reading. if you are the hopeless romantic type, i guarantee you would lurrrrve The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. the novel i mean. i havent watched the movie but i know that there is one because i heard it at ch E. Ryan Gosling (the guy who was the young Hercules dulu2 tu) and Rachel McAdams being the lead actors. im not sure if the movie is a hit or not but i love the book. and oh yea, Sparks is the same guy who wrote A Walk to Remember which also became a movie that is very famous for being very romantic. i would certainly find other books from him in the future.

The Notebook is the kind of story that kinda like forces you to shed a tear. the story was kinda predictable at the beginning but as it developed, it became more interesting. interesting and undeniably sweet and of course romantic. i mean, the guy reads her poems! and take her on a canoe to see the sunset. he even dercribes the girl, Allie, as a living poem. beautiful, passionate, lively and all. the guy loves poems but is not a poet himself (but Allie still calls him a poet). so the book is full of poem quotes. sweeeet.

whats interesting is, this guy, Noah (love the name), has a competitor who Allie is actually engaged with. well, actually Allie and Noah were seperated for 14years (i think) because of Allie's parents disapproval and a lot of things changed during that period except for their undying love. although at first, Allie didnt realize that it still exists. Allie comes from a rich family with a high status and all while Noah barely has money to eat. yea, that normal rich-poor situation. and her fiance is as handsome as Noah is. PLUS, he's a wealthy lawyer. but guess who she chose at the end? uhuh. Noah.

why we wonder. simple. if its because of love, Allie loves them both and both loves her dearly as well. but its what the guy can give her beyond love and the way he proves his love are what matters the most. Lon, her fiance can give her a comfortable life and finance security but only Noah can make her truly and i mean truly happy. it makes you think what we really want in a guy. money, status, good looks. or just simple happiness. the way he makes you laugh, the way he looks at you, the way he talks to you and the way he respects you. there is so much more than just brains and money, kan?

what made me cry was not when they had to seperate. although that was touching as well. but it was how Noah was still madly inlove with her 44 years later. yupp, the story ended when they were already old. not many stories have an ending like that. novels usually end after they get married and have children and live happily ever after.

well, Noah and Allie did live happily ever after but in a kinda painful way. Noah has arthiritis and Allie has alzheimer. God, it was so sad at the time when Allie doesnt even remember her husband anymore. but Noah being very strong and still very very very romantic never stopped loving her. knowing that Allie has lost much of her memory, Noah would slip love poems in Allie's pockets or jackets just to make her smile. despite his own pain (his hands were already deformed because of rheumatoid), he still wanted to hold Allie's hands. it was just so sweet. he still read her poems and the way he describes her and talk about her would melt any girl's heart. and the letters. the love letters that made me cry. i love it when people give each other letters. words are just powerful and we get to reread the words that makes us smile and refresh the feelings that we had at that time over and over again.

im not good at trying to explain it so go read the book, ok? ;) and if you dont think its awfully sweet and romantic as i do, i guess i apologize for being so easily tendered by mushy mushy things like this. hahaa.


  1. Azie, if u read the book, u must must must watch the movie!!!! best sgttttt. its one of my fav romantic movies of all time. it'll make u cry like a baby. ryan and rachel are really good actors. they were a couple tau real life but dah broken up skrg. too bad. hehe. watch it :)

  2. hmMm i think its kind of good book of cause after it was recommended by the expert.hehe.but i think i shouldnt try to read it cause ill get toOoo emotional.for example,it happened when i drove and thought all of your story azie.and suddenly laughed alone at a traffic light while besides me was a group of boys in a it??