Sunday, February 3, 2008


it has been awhile hasnt it? much has happened. good and bad. good more than bad. which is a relief. my housemates are just great. i love all of them. i couldnt think of better housemates than them. and for that, im grateful.

classes have been fine. was kinda annoyed with some things at the beginning but now everythings going pretty ok. i've made some new friends this sem. and i miss my friends from last sem that used to be my classmates. (so what im trying to say is i miss my ex-classmates laa. lol).

you know what, there's just so much things that i wanna write. too much that its hard to remember all of them. so let me just load up some photos of this past weeks for you to see. enjoy! :)

Image033 Image049

Image055 Image063 Image935_1

Dsc00268 Image048 Image053


1) Mus came back from Indonesia. we went to klcc and the next day me and so sent mus to the airport. short but sweet date with my darlings.

2) my cute housemates, Kak Tehah and Kak Dib. we had a biiiiiig dinner at santai.

3) me and so at 1 utama sports center. my first time playing futsal! its held weekly and organized by our school's alumni, ASPUTRA.

4) candid shot by syiqin of me being nerdy as always.

5) our little Asputra reunion at pakli kopitiam. there was aimie, alyaa, zud, wanie r, endy, akmal, izham, iqbal and aizat.

6) i was half awake and syiqin was messaging during the ceramah for this sem's modul. 10mins later, i dozed off.

7) my study table! bought it at giant for 59.90. cheap huh? built it myself too! with the help of diana and syiqin ofcourse.

8) dinner with my buddies at pizza. firadaus belanja RM3 each. haha.

a lot of other interesting things happened in january. i'll tell you when i see you. ;)


  1. eypp...ur desk same as acad's n mine too!!! cheers!

  2. cantik tapi murah kan? :)