Monday, March 31, 2008


i still laugh at the memories. how it all evolved to what is was then and what is left now. not much is left. but what i got will remain close with me. you may think it was nothing. well it was something. but again, we cant get everything that we want. you would remind me, "life is not fair, azie."  well my dear, its true. life is not fair. :)

fate. should we blame it? it would be easier that way, wouldnt it? fate is the reason all this happened in the first place. so its all your fault, fate! bad bad fate! but then again, it would be such a foolish and childish act to just point the finger to fate. its like accidentally bumping your head at the wall and blaming it for being there.

fate is destiny. you cant change it. its like when you want to indulge in that last piece of your favourite chocolate but as it almost gets into your mouth, it slips from your fingers. yes, i could use all the will and power i have within me to change the things that i dont want to happen and things that just dont go my way. but the ending would eventually be the same. if we could accept that life is not fair, then we might as well accept the fact that fate is too powerful for us to change.

so the question is, why is fate so powerful, so unbeatable? because it comes from the All Mighty, of course. and we all know when Allah says "it will happen!", then it will surely happen. we just have to realize that we're these powerless beings that must go on with our lives whether we like it or not. it is only natural to be thankful to someone that grants our wishes. but what happens when things just go upside down? tough i know, but nothing should change. we should still say thanks. thanks for the failure that has opened up our eyes which have been blind for all this time. thanks for the opportunity to be with someone that brought us temporary joy and left a permanent scar at the end. being grateful at times when we should be sulking and blaming others(such as fate) is hard. i sometimes fail to do it. sulking is my expertise. but i try to be thankful. because its just the right thing to do. its as simple as that. and dear, you should too.

im sorry for what has happened now. but im not sorry for what had happened then. i learned a lot from you. more than you would ever know. and for that, im sorry for not being there now and i thank you for the opportunity to be where i was then.


  1. why this blog appeared ? azie xnak gitau aku ka ?

    but i really like the 2nd last paragraph.
    fate... because Allah wants us to have different story.if we have the chance to create our own way...then everyone might be the same.the same life.same story.fate told us many i am today... i dont blame the fate.. just wanna know what will happen in the end?

  2. yupp, same wud be boring.
    maybe we shud think less of what'll happen n just cherish the moment! :)