Sunday, March 9, 2008

Judge Azie

it would be a lie to say that someone could be completely non-judgemental. everyone is judgemental. its just the matter of making it obvious or not. there are always the free thinkers. or those who call themselves liberal. and there is always the option of being hypocrites. but there is no such thing as being non-judgemental. its just becoming more evident now that its the pilihanraya season.

but we dont need pilihanrayas to show our true selves. we're judgemental human beings everyday. the goodies think the badies will go to hell for not doing good and the badies think the goodies think that they're going to heaven because they dont do bad but actually they're the real badies. see? we all have our own judgement of people. just when we think we've done a whole lot of favours to the world, we expect the world to smile back at us. eckk! we can smile to the world but the world may see that smile as a cover up from our wrong doings and not smile back.

we may not realize it. but we judge everything. the way she talks. the way she dresses. what music she listens to. where she hangs out. what she thinks about God. what she thinks about life. what she thinks about you.

accepting doesnt mean that we wont stop being judgemental. oh no, the judging never stops. high expectations can easily go down under when people judge too  much. thats why we need to lessen the judging. being judgemental can harm us. if its done too much of course. we can be open. but we have to know our stand and stick to it. let people be what they want to be. we have no right in judging them by our baseless assumptions. different does not mean bad. we may not share the same stand about certain things but thats what makes us interesting. same is boring, dunchathink? that also means we dont have to change to suit that person's interest or to suit the way that person perceives life. its important for people to have a lot of similarities in order to become an item. dr fadhilah khamsah even said that a couple has to have at least 15 similar characteristics to become happy. but he didnt say how many differences would it take to make a couple unhappy. thus, there could be as much differences as there could be. but a couple can still remain happy. right? im out of the topic. i was talking about judgemental tadi. okeh, so the point is, we are all different in someway or another. we see things from different perspectives. i have to respect yours and you have to respect mine. being judgemental is an option that we could choose to hide or show. either way, we are all judgemental. :D


  1. azie !! i didnt notice that you had published such many blogs in here.wauw rindu lorr nak baca your superb blogs.yeay ada bnd bleh buat dlm beberapa hari ni nampaknya.baca blog azie ! huhu
    but what i want to say here is... blog ni sangat2 la menusuk kalbu.this is what im currently thinking of.really.this is what i mean when i leave the latest comment in your got it ?

  2. yupp, got it li. :)

    i miss reading ur blogs too.
    go back to blogging pls!