Sunday, March 30, 2008

My dear Penang

the general election is over. are people happy with the decisions they made? either we're happy or not, it wont change anything would it? the decision has been made and its final. well at least for these four looong years.

penangites. guess we're all happy now that our penang is safe and sound. everyone is happy and satisfied with the new leadership. everyone will now be treated with fair and justice. no more prejudice as everyone will be treated equally. we dont need DEB, do we? we dont need petty help like that. we're all rich people in penang. chinese, malays, indians. we're all malaysians. we are all one happy happy family. this morning, we did a family gathering near Komtar. we were all enjoying ourselves. laughing and sharing stories. until the police came and told us to go home. bad police.

we no longer have to worry about our public transport too. all rapid penang do is mess up everything. we dont need those buses. buses are for poor people. rather than paying RM2 to go to Queensbay with rapid penang, we would rather pay RM20 and ride the cab. we're all rich people, us penangites.

my dear penang, you're ok right? i know you're having fun with all these changes and i know that you're relieved that penangites are united more than ever now. dont worry, penang. we'll take care of you. we're alllll good people. very good indeed. you're in very good hands.
14th March 2008


  1. you..
    nice post you have there.
    but as a malaysian,you should know that tempoh pemerintahan 5 tahun......bukan 4 tahun........
    penting tu dik.....
    jangan buat malu negara.........

  2. azie....what are you trying to say actually ?
    me confused.hahahahha

  3. hehehe. its meant to be confusing.