Thursday, May 22, 2008

Anyone needs some love?

honestly i dislike this theme. the ones that i do like dont have certain widgets that i need. i wanna create my own theme. and i've been trying to change the image header but i dont undertstand why would it want to crop my image. dont crop it. just resize it. like what they do in bloggers. (no, im not moving again. too tired to pack). and i just discovered how to put the links here at the sidebar. was easy. just needed a little exploration to do.

anywaaaay, if there is anyone that would be kind enough to personalize my blog for me, do tell. i'll love u forever. and i'll even leave a comment in each of ur posts. great deal huh?

anyone? ;(


  1. miss azie,
    y not u try to resize ur photo utk image header dlm u punya komputer dlu biaq sama saiz ngan saiz yg wordpress nak. then try upload.

    actually benda ni senang ja. kena pandai skit ja.

    hope this membantu.

  2. Hahahaha.... what a deal! Hahahaha! ;)
    kinda hard to personalize wordpress blog.. limited template for us all.. ciss.. ;) but, its free.. cannot ask for more lah..;)

  3. tula moja. why cant they just stick with "the best things in life are free" HAHA.