Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bon Voyage?

The Prophet (pbuh) told Abu Zarr:
“ Do you get prepared when you are about to set forth on a journey?”

Abu Zarr replied:
“ Of course, o Prophet”

The Prophet (pbuh) said:
“ Well, how do you think that the journey on the Day of Judgment will be? Take heed of what I will tell you; shall I tell you what you would benefit from on the Day of Judgment?”

Abu Zarr replied:
“ Yes, o the Messenger of Allah!”

The Prophet (pbuh) said:
“Fast on a very hot day for the Day of Judgment. Offer a prayer of two units at night to be saved from loneliness in the grave. Make the journey to Qabah once in a lifetime, and give alms to a needy person for the great occasions of the Doomsday. Say just words or save your tongue from saying unjust things!”

(ibn Abi’d-Dunya, Kitab al-Tahajjud).


*pbuh: peace be upon him


My dad used to tell us, before we moved to the states, he had to pack a gazillion things; belacan, kicap cap kipas udang, spices, milo, etc. and those were just food! he had other things packed as well. so he said, each time we go on a journey, any journey, there would be things to bring because we know that we need them to survive. it would be hard for us to go somewhere for days without having our clothes, toiletries and other things, right? we would have all these things packed and kept in stock so that whenever we needed them, they would always be available for us. my dad knew, that at that time, if there was no kicap cap kipas udang manis, me and my brothers wouldnt feel like eating rice. so that would be a problem because my dad didnt want his children to eat corn flakes and bread everyday.

so its kinda the same for judgment day. our life today is a journey. where will it head to? where will this maximum 100years journey end? our life surely would not end when we lie alone 8feet under the ground right? thats just a transition in our journey. our last stop, The Destination that we are all heading to right now is- akhirat. so what have we packed so far? i dont know about you guys, but i havent even manage to fill one small luggage. again, i need to do something about that. so c'mon, lets start by stopping ourselves from saying unjust things. how hard could that be, right? ;)


  1. ohh..belacannnn....
    keperluan tu. tak boleh hidup tak ada benda tu.
    analogi - belacan umpama pelengkap dalam makanan. perkara sunat umpama pelengkap dalam ibadat. Tiada belacan, tak sedap tika makan. Tiada perkara sunat, maka kurang sesuatu dalam amalan.

  2. thanks lawat blog neh..
    hehehe... kicap important tu.. sekali beli dlu 12 botoi.. buat bekelan utk masa depan :p
    hows ur holiday?
    eh nak add ym azie..

  3. hehe jetlee, ur anology is totally true :)

    nah, 12 botol utk every month of the year la kan? hehe.

  4. ahahahaha...

    so true miss azie. and tanx God., I'm not going to Summer Splash.. :p
    I recommend you to read UniqueMuslimah's blog. Tou can reach her through my blogroll. Satisfaction guaranteed!

    p/s: In search of UniqueMuslim.. Hehehe :P

  5. moja, so ur not goin huh? alhamdulillaaah. ;p
    going there would only make u cuci mata in a bad way, kan? hehe.

    and actually, ive already visited her blog n i enjoyed it. n hey, y dont u be the unique muslim? ;p

  6. ada org dah packing somting.but then some tercicir mana2.some dicurik org.some tertinggal mana2.then when org tu nak packing blek tiba masa bas nak bertolak plak.last2 dia terpaksa naik bas dgn tgn kosong.x sempat. malangnya... dia pon nyesal la sbb x jaga elok2 bnd yg dia dah packed. got it ?

  7. got it laili. hmmm, kalau kes tu tataulaa. dia kena cari balik la kut. pack all over again. because its never too late to giv up kan?