Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Boy friends.

i just finished reading Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern. the same author who wrote P.S, I love You, which i also love. but i love this one more. yeaa, guess this will be another book review. i loved the book so much! i wonder why i didnt discovered it earlier.

the novel is about family and friendship. beautifully told through letters, emails, IMs, SMSs. yupp, every single thing in that book was from all those written sources. no normal story telling with the narrator point of view and all that. guess thats why it was so interesting. i loved it. i loved the beginning, middle and end. i loved the way Ahern described the characters. the way all of them ended up being great writers (i mean almost everyone in Rosie's family could write. maybe not Kevin. well almost).

i loved the way Ruby gave her honest but always sarcastic advice to Rosie. thats what real friends should do. be honest, i mean. being sarcastic is tolerable. i laughed all the way through. and the relationship that Rosie had with her daughter, Katie, just proves that not all mistakes should remain being a mistake. not that im saying its okay to make the mistake that she did that "produced" Katie. well, you know what i mean. and the conversation in the Relieved Divorced Dubliner's chat room made me rolling on the floor laughing. hilarious! and then, of course the relationship between Rosie and Alex. they were bestfriends since they were 5! i know its just a story. but still, it can happen. boys and girls can be best friends and love each other. just not in that kinda way.

i have several guy bestfriends now. im not sure what will happen to us in another 10 years but what i do know is i would never ever want this friendship to end. i'm going to be with them until we've graduated and have our own jobs (maybe we'll end up working together?), when they have their own girlfriends and when they become husbands and then daddies. i wanna be with my kids one day and tell them about him and they will know him. not because they've seen him in photos. but because we still keep in contact and still meet and all. so i wanna be friends with them forever.

yeaa, i cant gossip with them, share with them my biggest secrets, or hug them when im happy or sad. absolutely no physical bonding whatsoever. but it just makes the friendship even more facsinating, doesnt it? its the way their brains, hormones, etc function thats interesting and useful because its different. and being a guy, they provide what we, girls, cant. like serving us the sense of security when we go out until its dark and late. (not that we do go out till late, ma). and like fixing the door knob of our room. ;p  or giving manly advice about stuff that needs their 'manly' point of view, concious or unconciously. boy friends and boyfriends are different. boy friends are not the people that we'll marry so we act different with them. we dont try to please them 24hours. and we dont care if he's looking at another girl when he's with us. or if he doesnt pay for our meals when we go out.  so there are less conflicts with boy bestfriends. ;p 
my girls are great bestfriends too. but between me and them is another story. guys or girls, best friends do what they do. they're always there for laughter or tears. so bff! ;p

in conclusion, read the book! Where Rainbows End. i love it, i love it, i love it! ;D


  1. I've just finished reading 'a place called here' yesterday. Chip is big fan of Ahern. You should try Paulo Coelho's book. Very metaphoric yet interesting! it makes you think! seriously. He's my fave! I'll lend you mine next sem! hahahaha ;)
    welcome to wordpress sis! hahahaha ;P

  2. he is?? and i just found out that acad just finished reading where rainbows end too. i didnt know that u guys read chick lits. and to be a big fan? thats just wow! HAHA.

    Paulo Coelho huh? oryt. i'll look into that. his name sounds fun. ;p

    n thanks for the welcoming. i'll msg u wen i need ur help. budak baru belajar :)

  3. Hahahaha... Books know no gender bebeh! Hahahaha! We read ALL! You should come to our house and check our rack of novels.. Hehehehe... From Dina Zaman to Coelho to Awang Goneng to etc, etc.. Hahahaha... Books addict! Nerds.. Hahahaha!

  4. Wana have some 'manly' p.o.v. about your book?? it's taken from a stalker's point of view, reading through all those letters, SMSs and everything!! =p hahahaha dont you feel bad about that??

  5. moja:
    nak kena serang rumah korang nii! i need to read that Coelho guy.
    nerds! HAHA. count me in!

    silly u! mana ada stalker laaa. Rosie yg simpan smua tu laa. she kept all the letters, printed IMs, emails and everything.
    and believe me, there are some people like that. writings, they stick with u forever. thats why u have to be careful with what u write. (ada makna tau behind that sentence) ;p

  6. So.. she's a stalker laa then.. =) period!

  7. how can she be a stalker if all the IMs, emails etc are about her?

  8. Don't worry, you can be miss President for the Nerds association. Hahahahaha... I'll just be an ordnary member laa... Hahahaha ;P

  9. i love the book too.
    i fact,i have read the book three times.
    i love everything in the book and cecelia is my fav writer.
    i have 3 out of her 5 novels.
    thinking bout buying the latest one entitled "thanks for the memories"
    well,i'm schocked too that u have just discovered the book.
    i first read the book in 1st sem...
    cecelia is brilliant.
    and yes,guys do read chick lits! =)

  10. me? the president? auww, thanks moja! it wud be an "honour"! HAHA

  11. Azie, cecelia ahern is amazing. Try reading a place called here & if u could see me now. Her ideas are outta dis world!

    Ps i love u dah kuar movie tau..hehe

    And try masuk her website, can read her short stories for free! huge fan :p

  12. huhuhu
    juz started reading her books..
    that girl can write!

    n that is coming from a guy who DESPISES reading chick lits, and pretty much other novels too.


  13. yeay!! another book-despiser being converted! HAHA
    safwan, try reading kinsella plak. entertaining jugakk tau. ;p

  14. theodore, tulaa!

    i want her new book too. but waiting for someone to give it to me as a present. hehehe.

    hmm, sorry sebab ur comment baru approve. camna ntah bleh tersangkut jadi spam plak. i still dunno who u are though. but im guessing, aziz??

  15. ada baca a samad said x???
    dia pun ada bayak cerita2 sebegini........

  16. yes u do, herne! ur reading my blog rite now! :p