Friday, May 30, 2008

I can't work at Memorylane

my mom has been insisting that i do something to my room. she says it looks too dull. and i agree. it does look dull. she's been telling me to do these craft projects like in the magazines that she likes to buy. she just finished her project yesterday. its a pink pencil case. very cute. it has those flowers embroideried all over. she asked my opinion to either put a zipper or make a flap cover. i said do both. but she ended up making the flap cover. she says its more pretty. and it is. very cute. it has "cikgu faridah" at the flap.

i know that my mom wishes that i could have as much enthusiasm in sewing and crafts as her. its not that i dont. i do actually. but i guess im just waiting for the time for me to feel creative. i wonder when will that be.

anywaaay, i did something today. to make my room less dull. i wrapped boxes. dont laugh. wrapping boxes is a hard thing for me. i have these magazines scattered all over my room and i decided to buy those cute boxes in the gift stores so that i could just put them in there. i told my mom about the idea and she said,

"nanti mama bawak balik kotak kotak kertas A4 kat sekolah tu. ada banyak. pastu nanti kaklang balut jelaa."

"ha ah, btul jugak. bolehla kaklang pilih wrapping paper yang cantik cantik sikit kan? good idea ma."

i kinda forgot that ive never been good in wrapping. in school, i used to ask my friends to wrap my books or files. and sometimes they do it with their own will after looking at the ones that i did wrap myself. same with presents. to those who have recieved presents from me, its not that i dont want to make your presents appear less obvious and have a little bit of surprising factor, but i just think they would look better in paper bags.  

but somehow i thought wrapping boxes would be easier. i took my mom's glue gun thinking that it would be cool to use it. i could pretend that i was young martha stewart.

so i cut the aeiou wrapping papers after measuring them on the boxes. then when the glue gun was hot enough to melt the glue stick, i started applying the glue on the boxes. thats where the horror began. it looked so much easier when martha used it. the glue was very very hot. so i had to be extra careful to not touch the glue when i smoothened out the paper on the box. so it was kinda hard. i mean, how can you wrap something if you can barely touch it?

and as im an 'expert' in wrapping, i find this quite irritating. but i continued anyway. repeating "i can do this! no more dull room!". i dont know why i wasnt wearing my glasses when i was doing this. when i noticed that everything was just so blurry, i put on my glasses. minus the blur, i finally noticed. another disaster. i had put the glue gun on the table when i wasnt using it. how was i to know that the glue would be dripping out when its not used? but yes, silly me. when doing craft work, you should always have newspaper covering the table so that things like this wouldnt happen. even kids in 1st grade know that. and oh yea, the table that i was using isnt actually a table. i was using my iron board. well, the glue gun required electricity and the plug near the table had my charger on. so i used the plug near the iron board. so there it was. glue all over the iron board. a few seconds later it would dry up and stick there forever. and whenever i wanted to iron my clothes, the glue would melt and there would be glue all over my clothes and people would call me sticky azie because anything that touched my clothes would stick. 

but alhamdulillah that wont happen, you guys wont be able to call me sticky azie because to my relief, the glue actually easily peels off on fabric. but perhaps the glue is the cheap kind as it happens to peel off easily on papers too.(i wonder why is it called glue at all?) so each time i applied glue on one side of the box, the side that was just glued before would fall off. it was really frustrating. but i kept my cool. i was thinking if i sticked the paper faster meaning immediately after the glue was applied, it may stick and dry at the right time and not cause the paper to peel off. but no, it still peeled off. i dont beleive in martha anymore.

 no more glue guns for me.

i searched for real glue. the ones that dont require guns. the ones that used to cost just 1 ringgit at my school koop. but i couldnt find any in the house. the only glue that i found was glue stick. we all know that glue sticks are for kids that have just been introduced to art. whenever the tail of a dinosaur is mistakenly assumed as the horn, they can easily peel the tail and put it where it actually belongs. they dont need to cry because they mistakenly put the tail at the dinosaur's head beacause as soon as they realize their wrong assumption, they can slowly peel the tail without damaging the paper and put it at the dinosaur's butt which is where the tail belongs. or in simpler words, glue sticks dont stick!

so after getting fed up of the paper falling and falling, i searched for tape. and i found one. so i had a plan. i put on a bit of glue stick just so that the paper wouldnt budge, and then i put on the tape. and walla! the combination of both, it sticked! yeay! and then just as i was about to finish wrapping the second box, i was out of tape. im soo lucky in this wrapping thing, kan? i refused to let the box unfinished so i used this brown tape that people usually use to seal boxes when they're moving houses. i cut them into little pieces so that when people dont look too closely, they would think its just a part of the design of the paper.

so finally, alhamdulillah after 2 hours my boxes were beatutifully wrapped. its beautiful because i say so.  okay?

do these two boxes make my room less dull now? hmmmm. 



*do notice that i only write about things like my box-wrapping project when i have nothing better to do. ;p


  1. a Martha Steward in the making! Hahahahaha!

    It is indeed a better and cheaper idea to wrap it up! Kudos to your mom! Hahaha...

    You know what, the conclusion is; Long holidays drive us all mad! Hahahahaha! ;P

  2. i pity ur plight with the glue...

    the last time i used the glue gun is when i'm sticking plastic bottle with plastic bottles kinda worked pretty well..maybe that's the purpose..huhuhu

    those boxes look kinda cute too...
    mind doin it for me...???

  3. moja: yess, this hols is going kinda slow for me. but still, im appreciating every moment of it. even if it makes me wrap boxes all day. ;p

    safwan: NOOO! dont make me wrap another box! no more! end my suffering! HAHA

  4. hahahha.azie... the best thing is use double tape yg nipis does really work.anyway penderitaan mu terbayar jugak.lawa2! attractive !

    azie ! mak aku semangat pi beli gak mesin tu lps i told her about your mom's machine.but then it ends up with nothing... dia bayar duit muka ja azie oiiii ~~ hahahaha

  5. tulaa. xdaka doublesided tape. yg ada pun yg tebal. kang timbul2 la plak ketas tu. hehe.
    dah beli?? woww~ bagus2! tp, bayaq duit muka maksudnya mesinnya dapat ka tak?

  6. ouh doublesided tape. hahaha
    xdapt la azie.....

  7. macam lemony snickett.
    bad luck one after another.

  8. hehe rili?
    got to watch that movie. :p