Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I will clean my room, ma. I promise.

Rasulullah saw once said:

1. Oh Women, are you not pleased that when any women becomes pregnant and her husband is pelased with her, she will get the sawab of one who fasts in the path of  Allah and one who stays awake all night performing solat.

2. When the pain of birth comes, the sawab is so great that the abodes of the sky and earth cannot come to know of it.

3. When she gives birth, she gets the sawab for every drop of milk that the baby drinks.

4. For staying awake at night because of the baby, she gets the sawab of setting free 70 slaves in the path of Allah.

5. During pregnancy which is when she endures great pain and is in constant difficulty, continuosly sick, does not enjoy her meals, and has very little sleep, she will get the sawab of staying awake all night performing solat.

6. In one hadith, the sawab of breastfeeding has been mentioned as one giving life to another living. When the period of breastfeeding is over, she has been promised Magrifat (forgiveness of all her sins).

7. At the time of childbirth, she handles pain that can cause death. Therefore, she gets the sawab of shaheed.

8. As she has to put up with and endure the bitter ways of her husband, she gets the sawab of one in Jihad. Great sawabs and rewards have been promised for being obedient and good to her husband.

9. If she dies and her husband was pleased with her, she would enter jannah.

10. If she performs solat, zakat, guards her honour, obeys her husband, she can enter any Jannah through any door that she pleases.


there you go. the most Gracious, Allah SWT has made it clear of how lucky it is for us, ladies to one day become mommies and wives. Allah made women mothers because Allah knows that women can handle it. gentle, loving and sensitive. yupp, thats how Allah made women. but just look at all the sacrifices that they had to endure to make their children's lives a better place. its not easy to be a mom. more so if she has to deal with immature teenagers like moa.(and my brothers. cant take all the blame now, can i?). but i know that everyone of us havent actually been the best anak mithali. we do know that our moms work so hard to make us happy but still, we give her 3782 excuses to not do the laundry or even the simplest thing like cleaning our own room. cleaning our room is not for her anyway. its to make us comfortable staying in our own room. but still we refuse. well i dont know about u guys. but im one of those daughters who welll.. lets just say i hope i have enough money to hire a maid when i have my own house. the point is, the sacrifices that our moms have done for us is just unbeatable. showing that we love them is the least that we could do. so go tell your mom, I LOVE YOU, MAMA. yes, now! go!

mama, you're the coolest.  you're my best friend. i wouldnt be me if i dont have you. i am me because you are you. i know that i can be a total brat sometimes but believe me ma, it is nothing because of you. i learnt being a brat from the tv and like other bad things. but not from you. you are the greatest. if i ever become a mother and wife, i will be totally like you. the abundance patience, care and affection that you have for us and papa is unbeatable. and for that, i pray that Allah grant you happiness dunia and akhirat because you very well deserve it. 

i love you, ma. HAPPY MAMA'S DAY!


  1. kirim slm kat mak......


  2. thot if having 3 kids.enuff.heee~

  3. hemmmm... poor mama for having me as a daughter. i can be kind and can be nasty. but azie was totally right. i learnt being a brat from the tv and like other bad things. but not from you.

    i want to deliver a baby a.s.ap. cause i want to clean my dosa cepatt !! haha
    and wish not to have a daughter like me..........

  4. woohoo~
    babies! lots of them!
    we're good daughters too la li.
    kadang2 ja tak. :p