Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It was a dream.

my dream finally came true. firdaus told me that Dr Sheikh was coming to uitm and immediately i became hysterical. well, not really. but almost. Dr Sheikh! MY Dr. Sheikh was coming to meet me! i was so excited. we had a gazillion assignments to complete that weekend so i finished them all during the weekdays so that i could go meet my Dr Sheikh at pusat sukan uitm.

April 6th, there we were, me and syiqin at the pusat sukan's hall. i was screaming. but not loudly. only to syiqin. i couldnt believe that i was in one room with him. like under one roof. there he was, as alive as can be. not a photo. not even a moving object in the tv. but the real him. infront of me! looking as tall as ever. i know that he's tall but man, he's tall!

he gave a speech. oh, that voice. that voice that i have heard over and over again. i was like the only one in the hall clapping till my hands hurt. its weird that these other people come to meet him but were acting like he was talking another language. they didnt give support at all. only several clapped. and they didnt reply his questions. like when he asked, "sape kat sini nak jadi angkasawan?" and only me and syiqin raised our hands like 5year olds and screaming, "saya!!!" i mean why bother coming if you guys are not interested.

anyways, he's so cute. i know that people say he's like lembut and gay and all. well, he's not. i just know that he's not. he's a real man. and he's perfect.

then when the speech ended, it was time for the autograph session. oh God! i was shaking already. i was going to get the chance to be with him face to face. i was so excited! but then, only those who have bought his book could get his autograph. which was kinda like being an opportunist. nvm. i bought the book for So. who is another crazy fan of his. i just knew that So would scream when i told her i bought that book for her with his autograph in it.

there was a verry long queue to get his autograph. and his bodyguards! there were like 20 of them. covering him like a tent. the autograph was taken one person at a time. and when it was my time. my hands were sweaty. i was nervous! he smiled at me and asked my my name. i said write soraya. and for the posters, write my name. azie. and he said my name. azie. he said my name!!! he said my name!! then, it started. i became like a robot talking nonstop. i said, Dr Sheikh, "its such an honour to finally meet u. congratulations for everything. i read all ur blogs and i think ur a superb writer. and i know that u said u read all our comments and i just think that its very sweet of u. but why have u stopped  writing?" okay, those words came out waaay too fast and i knew that he only caught like the last sentence. so he said, "i still write.. i still write.." with the sweetest smile. this whole process was happening with his bodyguard pushing me aside. but i just stood there talking to him while he signed all my posters. got 3 of them. but i stopped when his other bodyguard came to me and almost grabbed my hand and was like going to throw me out of the hall. so i left. God! these bodyguards. dont they have better things to do.

but i got the chance to talk to him!! and he talked to me back! but it happened so fast! i know that Dr Sheikh wouldnt even remember that kid who mumbled too much. bu t oh well. doesnt matter. my dream came true. not all of it though. like he was actually supposed to have a real photo with me and say thanks for being such a supportive fan and say that he recognizes me by all my comments in his blog. well that didnt happen. maybe some other time.


only got the back view of his head. but its not JUST a head. its Dr Sheikh\'s head! ;plook at all those bodyguards!


  1. shoot.when was this?

  2. z,
    feature kn la blog aku kat cni..
    nnti aku link kn blog hg kat blog aku..

  3. hehe. herne, dont tell me ur a fan too? april aritu. ari ahad. 6 hb.

  4. 1st photo - mmg nampak akan ke-excited-tan-nya! haha

  5. oh mmg sangat excited. macam dork gila. :p