Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The next generation of Kulaan Harmine

i said, "semua buat muka cumell!!" and these are their cumell faces.

(from left, adam, maisarah and aqif) adam and aqif are brothers and they are cousins with maisarah.

 maklang and aishah maisarah :)

 adam took this photo. their maklang loves to teach them how to take photos. ;p adam's shot is not bad kan?


 *photos taken at yong asmi's masuk-rumah-baru kenuri last saturday.


  1. Hahahaha!
    Maklang yg garang!
    (reminiscing MY maklang!)

  2. Kiutnye...!

    Aqif looks like he's picturing himself kissing his girlfren...huhuhu

    cosmos tu ok lar...
    sikit jer game dia but quite fun la...
    one thing though,

    NEVER, and i mean NEVER play this one game (i forgot the name),

    it looks like a car, and it goes pusing2 in one way direction.

    coz after that game, i bet 50 cents you'll have problems turning your head left the next day. for THREE DAYS.
    i recommend DNA mixer the last game u play. coz after that i bet 1 ringgit u'll feel like puking after that.


  3. moja: this maklang is known as "maklang yang kami sayang!" hehe.

    safwan: i taught aqif to make that face. hehe. and thanks for the advice about the rides. i'll keep them in mind when i go to cosmo. ;p

  4. mak lang yang cantik.........