Thursday, May 22, 2008

Terlajak perahu boleh diundur. Terlajak kata?

SH: x_x dah agak dah it's a bad thing to publish this one

SE: its ur blog la
SE: y shud u care if i like it or not?
SE: publish anytg u want
SE: write anytg u want
SE: n kalau i terasa
SE: its my problem

SH: :|

SE: not urs

SH: jgn laaa mcm tu

SE: u said it urself
SE: u wont pujuk n all that
SE: then dont
SE: im okay

SH: i said if u didnt tell.. then i wont pujuk laaa
SH: now i know.. i MUST pujuk
SH: sorry okay.. really2 didnt mean it


blogs are not meant to be places to break people's hearts. writings are expressions that could last for eternity. you could pretend that you misheard a speech but you cant pretend that you've misread something thats perfectly stated in written form. unless you have dyslexia. yess, its ur blog. you can write as you wish. but if you're going to break my heart, dont write it to me. say it. so you could see how hurt i am. ok, SH?

and the pujuk memujuk thing. im not dying for it. if u think u need to pujuk, then go ahead. i may get easily hurt but the good thing about it, im also easily softened. a sincere "sorry" is all i need sometimes. but if ur doing it only because u think i want it, then dont. i'll just hate u even more.


  1. Azie.. kalau this one bukan terlajak kata tau.. it's more like terlajak type. =D

    So, did he come up with a simple "sorry" tak?

  2. im not sure takazama. i'll ask him nanti. eh wait, how did u know that its a "he"?
    hmmmm. ;p

  3. you kan ada banyak boy friend(s).. so i'm assuming that he(now im sure) is one of em laa.. =D

  4. ooooh.. so even YOU are saying he's my boy friend. he is actually. but he refuses to see it that way. but kalau u pun dah cakap he is, then i think he'd agree. ;p

  5. mus yg kiut gak..May 25, 2008 at 3:02 AM


  6. 1) what's SE and SH?


  7. oh, its just initials of some people u dont know. ;p

    yupp, im chillin.

  8. dik......
    jangan mudah terasa........