Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wasiat Nabi junjungan kepada Saidina Ali R.A

For those who happen to stop by here. Read this.  I know that we often ignore things like this assuming that its copied and pasted for a thousand times and have been forwarded to almost everyone in this web community thus making it too... unimportant? well maybe its vice versa. maybe its actually really worth reading. thats why people pass it on. after reading it themsleves that is. lets just make these hadith and riwayat and Quran pharases as our once in a while reminders. after replying to all those comments in frenster and poking and sending cookies in facebook, whats a few minutes of reading these few sentences that could make us realize a few things, right? its just to make sure we have that balance. just ask ourselves are we or are we atleast close to being a mukmin, alim, takwa, jujur or an ahli ibadah? well i know im not. need to do something about that.



Wasiat Nabi junjungan kepada Saidina Ali R.AWahai Ali, Bagi orang mukmin ada 3 tanda-tandanya :
1) Tidak terpaut hatinya pada harta benda dunia
2) Tidak terpesona dengan pujuk rayu wanita
3) Benci terhadap perbualan dan perkataan sia-sia


Wahai Ali,
Bagi orang alim itu ada 3 tanda-tandanya :
1) Jujur dalam berkata-kata
2) Menjauhi segala yang haram
3) Merendahkan diri

Wahai Ali,
Bagi orang yang takwa itu ada 3 tanda-tandanya :
1) Takut berlaku dusta dan keji
2) Menjauhi kejahatan
3) Memohon yang halal kerana takut jatuh dalam keharaman

Wahai Ali,
Bagi orang yang jujur itu ada 3 tanda-tandanya :
1) Merahsiakan ibadahnya
2) Merahsiakan sedekahnya
3) Merahsiakan ujian yang menimpanya

Wahai Ali,
Bagi ahli ibadah itu ada 3 tanda-tandanya :
1) Mengawasi dirinya
2) Menghisab dirinya
3) Memperbanyakkan ibadah kepada ALLAH s.w.t.



btw, thanks wan! :p


  1. helanistico herneoMay 21, 2008 at 3:11 AM

    susahkah nak jadi baik.
    big SIGH.
    tak salah cuba.

  2. tak salah langsung. :)

  3. sobsobsob... i want to be at least one of the list above.