Saturday, June 14, 2008

My birthday is in August

I was tagged by Kak Nad. :)

5 presents :

1. unlimited supply of books. several that im currently interested: Ahern's, Kinsella's, Sparks's, Hosseini's. *hint..hint*
2. a bag made of beautiful genuine cowhide leather.
3. a video camera!!!!
4. poem(s).
5. him.

5 reasons for the above :

1. books are my escape when im bored, sad or lonely. so whoever gives me books will make me happy! :D
2. a girl can never have enough bags.
3. so that my kids/grandkids will get to see how was i like then(now) and because i cant afford it myself.
4. because writings stay with you forever.
5. hehe. adalaaa. ;p

5 characteristics that I like in a person that I admire : 

1. beriman.
2. absolutely not self-absorbed. a good listener, and great company.
3. respects me and the people i love.
4. can make everyone feel at ease.
5. confident when giving speeches/talks in the public.

Best thing he ever did for me :
Hmmm, make me smile alllll day. :)


5 things you do when you are bored : 

1. oh daydreaming ofcors! (but i dont need boredom for this.) :p
2. go window shopping. alone.
3. read, write, read, write.
4. sms, call or BUZZ people that i shouldnt be smsing, calling or BUZZing.
5. play games. and thats when im really bored.

5 greatest inventions : (mine or whom?)

1. the Internet.
2. wafer machines.
3. boot cut jeans.
4. blogs-now everyone can get their writings published. 
5. Harry Potter series.

5 most hated :

1. green-eyed monsters and snobs.
2. being disturbed when im asleep.
3. when i see something that i really like and i have the money to pay it too but then no size or out of stock. ugh.
4. nonstop ear-aching nagging.
5. doing laundry. hehh.


5 people to be tagged :

feel free to be it, people! :D


 *ignore the font's different colours and sizes. its unintentional.

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  1. assalmualikum kak azie
    its me sabeere

    lovely blog you have .. i would just like to say you've been tagged by me ...hehe