Monday, June 16, 2008

Saya Anak Hj. Nazri

My dad asked me the other day,

"Kaklang, nak bagi apa kat Papa utk Father's Day?"

and i couldnt answer. why? because in my head i was saying,

"Alaaa, hadiah Kaklang pun Papa tak bagi apa lagiii"

and then because of my pause, my dad asked my brother,

"Bangah, nak bagi apa kat Papa?"

"Nak bagi motor baru!", he replied.

and we laughed. (it was a joke. because of the increasing price of petrol and all. gettit?)

anywayy, only then it striked me. oh God, how selfish can i be?? all i think about is myself. its Father's Day! Father's. and yet, i think about i myself.

when i was little, i was my dad's girl. its always like that, kan? daughters with fathers.

i remember this one time, my dad asked me if i wanted to go see goats. yupp, my dad's a very kampung guy. he's always amazed with goats, cows, and all that. (he's been having this idea to have our own farm at our back yard. but till now, the only animal we own is a fat cat). so ofcourse i was delighted to follow him. i loved it when it was only the two of us. didnt matter if we were just going to go see goats at some farm.

so i got in the car with him. smiling from ear to ear. and just when my dad got the car out of the garage, suddenly he appeared. my brother, waggling his hands screaming,

"Japp! Nak ikut jugak tengok kambing!!"

and i said,

"takyah tunggu Bangah, Pa.. Jumlaa. Cepat cepat! Japgi dia sampai! Tinggal dia!"

my dad said,

"Kaklang, Papa tak penah ajar anak-anak Papa buat perangai macam tu. Biarla Bangah nak ikut sekali. Apa salahnya."

so apa lagi, merajuklaaa. all i wanted was some father-daughter time. just between me and my dad. but he thought i just wanted to let my brother get mad for being left out. but at the end, it was even fun having my brother to play with the goats. we both got his equal attention. 

my dad is a great guy. he always think of others more than himself. and that is also the reason for him to expect the same thing from everyone- especially his kids. if we keep saying, "me.. me.. me..", he would then ask about, "oh, then how was your brother/friend/etc..?" it has always been about sharing and caring about other people besides us.

so what am i giving my dad for Father's Day?

ohhh nothing.. just endless supply of respect, honour, and LOVE. ;)





  1. alalalalalaa...cutenyeee!! hihiks :D

  2. Besar-besar pun masih nak merajuk.. =b

  3. abg yeh and kak nad,
    TQ! :)

    cerita ini berlaku ketika saya masih 6 tahun. besarkah saya?

  4. yeaaapp... u are alwaysabout you.. you.. and you.. =D i know u'll say i am a meanie again, but sometimes somebody needs to be cruel to be kind.. =p bweeekk.. muahahahhaa

  5. Ahahahah..
    same laa. I have nothing to give but endless respect and Love to offer!
    Abah rocks!

  6. Takazama, bweekk back at ya!

    Moja, yeahh! :D

  7. yerp ur dad is great guy..
    bru tadi kitaorg ckp bout uncle nazri yang x penah luper besday hj harun..
    eheh.. he also great friend..

    bless him =)

  8. hehe TQ nah..
    thats becos hj. harun is a nice guy too. :)

  9. touching2 ;)

    and your father is great!

  10. bule tgk kat utube..
    tp x puas la...
    die x kua wyg lg kat mesia...
    wni beli cd x ori je [ops!]
    tp looking forward to watch it at cinema, beli cd ori and the novel :)
    really love the story :)

  11. salam...

    ahah, found ya!
    a great dad wit a great daughter~
    (cpat2.. ameen...) :)

    haha, my dad is also a kampung guy too..
    n also a nature lover~
    he aLwez bring us jalan2 d jln2 kampung...
    n cuti2 to njoy da nature's beauty, (subhanallah)...

    well, nice post~
    n nice blog title... makes me a lil' bit more hungry... :)

  12. [ oops.. salah letak nama lak.. hoho :) ]

  13. send my regards to ur dad eh...??

  14. kamu mbuatkan saya teringat pd bapa saya,huhu:)

  15. welcome ruhana or ana! i still know who u r! ;)
    yupp, its great having kampong dads kan? hehe.
    makes u hungry? oh btulaa, ur a cookie moster like me jugak!
    go grab a cookie then! :p

    soey dear, u'll meet ur abah in less than 2months! n meet me too! oh besnya.