Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock

its been a few days hasnt it?

first, because i havent much things to write.

second, i kinda like lost the mood to write because my laptop was stolen last week.

third, well busy i guess.

forth, someone has been using my friendster and ym. i know. stupid rite? and i also have a problem with my ym which answers the question why i havent been online for awhile.

about my laptop being stolen, if you guys have read my post titled Alternative, then you guys would know the story about the drug addict. well he's the one who broke into our house last week. yeah i know, we should have never treated him so nicely. the next time we see him, we're gonna cut his arm. yupp. we even have an axe readied for him. and ropes too. to tie him after we cut his arm. or maybe before we cut his arm. so that he wouldnt move. then we'll call the police.

i cant believe that the hols is almost ending. i have less than a week. oh i feel like crying. i know that it gets really boring sometimes. all i do is surf and watch tv. but its home. and whatever i do at home feels all homey. meaning no worries, no fuss, no stress. so no matter how bored i get,  i still feel at home. and there's my mom that at times i talk nonstop with or not talk at all. and my room where i can make it squeeky clean or horribly messy. i dont wanna leave home. :(

guess what? i havent even bought the ticket to shah alam. and people have been buying it since last month. please let there be a ticket for me ya ALLAH. i need to go back. i cant be absent on my first day of school. although it would be cool. to let people wonder whether ive quit or something. (ok, maybe im not that desperate for attention yet.)

we're entering sem 3, huh? how time flies. cant believe i'll be 20 this year. no more "1" infront. no more "teen" at the end. and im still single. HAHA. where did that come from? oh maybe it was from herne's emphasis about it at her post. that girl is hilarious. but honestly, she always makes me nervous because i dont know what'll come out from her mouth. because she says the darnest things. which would make us(me, syiqin and diana) laugh at first. and then we're like, "wait, was that a joke or was she serious?"  HAHA. but her idea about the award thingy is brilliant. why didnt i think of that? so i take this opportunity to thank you, herne. im flattered for encouraging you to blog because like i said it would be interesting to read your writings. and they do end up very interesting indeed. and well.. im flattered about the other thing too. :p

i got another news today. most of our tesl friends who got the KPM interview managed to get the scholarship. among them that i remember are; syamil, fahim, izni, rayner. congratulations you guys! and oh, im with them. but i cant say im extremely happy. grateful, yes. but imactually really surprised. i thought i sucked badly at the interview. i even forgot the word balanced in BM. so getting this offer kinda like make things harder. the thing is, i just applied for the scholarship to give it a shot and also because all my friends applied. i actually have this ambition to apply the Young Lecturer Scheme and continue my masters right away after graduating. and be a lecturer. so if i accept this scholarship, i'll be bonded with the kementerian to be a teacher for 5 years. Teacher Azie. it doesnt sound too bad, right? and i'll get money! yeeehaa! but what about my perfect plan? oooh, im so bad in making decisions. again, im pleading for His help. but my dad says go with it. ALLAH has made me pass all the stages so far so maybe He's actually telling me that im meant to be Teacher Azie first. then maybe i can continue with my plan of being Madam Azie (insya Allah dah madam waktu tu :p) afterwards.

but what do you guys think? do i look like a Teacher Azie or Ms/Madam Azie?




  1. congrats on getting that thing....

    bole je kalo tanak kene bond tu....
    lepas abih blajar,
    break je kontrak tu...

    tapi kene bayar lar...

  2. ya allah.
    malu pulak.
    deal with it, kita lahir pun naked.

    gunakan duit scholar dengan hemahnya.
    so jgn lupa blanja.nguehehehe..

  3. kn0w wut??

    i'll love both 0f u dEar~

    [h0pEfuLLy,,we'll bE togEther whEn u'r doiNg ur mastEr]


  4. Miss azie..
    bila JPA nak bg duit kat aku neh...hehehe

  5. kita merancang tapi tuhan menentukan...congrats to azie...
    berangan tak salah kan???
    tapi kalau nak tahu memang rasa best sangat bila orang panggil kita teacher...

    good luck..

  6. congratulations azie for getting the scholar ;) clap2..
    u deserved it :)
    about being teacher or miss/mrs azie tue, both same jek sbb due2 mndidik kan?
    like ur father said, Allah da tentukan yg terbaik tuk kite...
    nway wni x amek pun scholar tue..dunno why :)

  7. safwan: great idea but then why would i want to take the money in the 1st place? hehe.

    herne: malu malu malu. :p

    kak amal: i love u too! n moga2 harapan yg kita salu idam2 kan tu pun come true. :p ameen!

    jazlee: oh ms azie nampak. hehe. doa la banyak2, kalau tu terbaik utk hg, ALLAH akan bg. :)

    kak piah: tq!! tulaa. azie kena yakin ngan ketentuan ALLAH. insyaAllah ni yg terbaik utk azie. doakan utk azie ye.

    wanie: tq! tulaa. insyallah ni yg terbaik. kalau wanie interested, wani bleh mohon lagi next sem. :)

  8. Owh Azie,
    ur turnin 20..guess what, I'm breakin the 'teen' this year..goin 21 o 22..gosh I can't even remember my age..how silly!
    u r rite..how time flies leaving us with no remorse..
    at least u got the scholar and u have gripped ur future..
    it doesn't matter whether Teacher/Miss..both suit u dear.
    n if ur turning into one in the near future..I'll send my children to learn with Teacher/Miss Azie!

  9. acad that is so sweet of u.
    i would be happy to teach ur kids! insyaALLAH.
    oh we are getting old, arent we? talking bout kids? HAHA

  10. azie, congrats! and yes, u can easily pass as Teacher Azie or Mdm Azie. sgt! hehe

  11. Azie! update arr!!

  12. awww, thanks nashrah! :)