Thursday, August 21, 2008

One Step Closer

today, it has been exactly 20 years and 1 week of me breathing. (or in simpler words; my birthday was last week). ;)

i would have to apologize to my besties for being so hard to be surprised. but guys, that doesnt mean i dont appreciate all the whisperings behind my back to

plan whether to go to McD or Pizza, and the sudden need to go to town on a weekday to buy my present.

from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making these two years of celebrating my day with you guys special. :)

i cant believe im already 20. i know i've said this every year. and perhaps until the day that i die i'll keep saying this. "i cant believe im already ___"

but this year, i just can believe im finally leaving the teen behind. it was hard for me to believe that i was 11. i could still remember the words that i

wrote in my diary; "i'm finally not a kid anymore". and it made me smile. but now, im actually scared to admit that, "im not a teen anymore"

im an adult. and when you say adult, we very well know that it means huger responsibilties. and people who know me would also know that i suck when it comes

to holding responsibilties. guess its time to grow up, huh?

year after year goes by. year after year, new people come and go in my life. but i have realized year after year, new people join the celebration of me

entering this world. so i have never forgotten to count my blessings to the All Mighty for surrounding me with these people who are just full of love and


thanks Thariq for being the first to wish. before 12am lagi. mesti sebab jam dia laju. hehe.

to Diana for making that announcement in class and Wanisab for forcing the whole class to sing "Happy Birthday" and "Allah Selamatkan Kamu". lucky that im

not a blusher because if i did, my face would be as pink as... air bandung? :p

thanks also to Diana, Syiqin, Firdaous, Syamil, Jiji and Hasrul for having that makan-makan.

to akak-akak rumah for the hugs and kisses.

to So for coming that night with my presents all the way from India.

to Mus for the message that made me cry.

to azwan. :)

and to everyone that remembered, wished and prayed. especially my family.

May Allah bless you all.

p/s: i wish birthdays could be longer. one day is not enough. :(


  1. hahahaha... dah tua laa... welcome to the twenties! learn to shoulder responsibilities and try do be decisive in life.. just waiting at a junction takes u nowhere.. xD

  2. I'm 3 months away from losing the teen...

    I refuse to be twenty...!!

    can I be twenteen instead...??

  3. yeay ur 20 already! i like bdays in august :D *hinthint*

  4. welcome to the club!

    of coz ur birthday could be longer..

    n I'm wishing u..!

    happy belated birthday!

    semoga pjg umo n murah rezeki..
    jodoh cepat jugak!


  5. A day older is another year wiser~ (",)

  6. hepi belated bday azieee!! sori tatau!! huhu..
    uuuu sedapnye die makan :D

    eh ..the gurl next 2u dlm pic 3 org tu looks just like u la..kembar ke ape?

  7. azam: wish tu dah bes dah. sekali ada jugak nasehat tajam dia tu.

    safwan: HAHA. good idea!

    nash: of cors u do. ;) *get the hint*

    jazlee: tak dahlaa. psychologists call us young adults.

    acad: hehe. thanks dude!

    taufik: betul tu!

    k. nad: hehe. thanks k. nad!
    oo syiqin tu memang smua org cakap muka sama ngan azie. kembar lain mak & ayah. ;)

  8. Hohoho...

    Heppy blated Bday!!!
    Welcome to the Twenties Club. Muehehehe!
    Semoga panjang umor, murah rezki!!!


  9. bdw, mine is in october!
    Prepare the presents now...


  10. moja: ameen!

    amboih, "presents" in plural plak tu! tamak! hehe.

  11. azie.. aku pon balajaq..hahahaa

  12. Salam.

    juz a small notice here, I've changed my blog. k~

    wiSh ur life is full wit haPpiNess~