Monday, August 4, 2008

There's a UiTM Jor Today

"kak mal, weekend ni kita stay rumah jela kan? takde duitlaaa. nak makan pun takde duit dah" (while reading The Star).

"tulaaa, duit yang umi bagi cukup untuk bayar sewa rumah jee. every weekend nak kuar. minggu ni duk umah je. japgi saya nak masak sardin la"

"uuuuu, sedapnyaa. (reading the PC Fair advertisement). eh kak mal, tengah PC Fair la sekarang. sampai esok jelaa. mesti bangah pegi. nak message dia laa"


bngh, x pi pc fair?

awat? kamu pi ka?

xtau lg.. awat?

kamu nak beli apa2 ka?

xlah. saja tanya..

ooh.. bangah duk kat pc fair ni. hehe. nak kim pa2 ka?

hm, dh agk dh. takut kantoi ngn klg la 2.. xdak pa kut..

xdaklah, sj tny.. xmau mai ka?

hm, tlg tgk2 kan digicam bleh?

zie.. i think u better cum here urself..penuh pilihan..



30mins later. i was on the bus to KL. there goes my plan to be grounded for the weekend. :p

i bought a digital camera. the cheapest of its range. but im quite satisfied with it.

i was supposed to arrive home before 8. because there was marching practice. oh yeaa, i joined perkad and we have practice every night. even on saturdays. im actually excited to go to practice every single night. no matter how tiring it gets. hopefully being chosen to represent my fac for the marching competition this 10th August. be there to support us, ok? :) ok, back to the story. there were just sooo many people that our movement was slightly delayed. so i couldnt make it that night. sedih actually. i love perkad. :)

today's a sunday. finished Modul 3  with Ms Afni at 2.15pm just now. was ok, i guess. was terribly sleepy actually. tapi bila dah balik rumah tak rasa nak tido plak. im hungry. but im broke. so i ate megi. still hungry. ate oat. and im still hungry. :(

rayner's here right now. yup, in our house. he's trying to secure our wireless connection. no more intruders after this! HAHA! thanks rayner! you're such a cool computer geek! :p


  1. my suggestion.
    trade ur digicam for a semester's supply of cheap tesco food.
    that way,u wont be eating maggi nemore.

    well, perlu jugak actually.

  2. hahahaha~


    ur gr0unded!![again???]

    h0w many sh0uLd it take??*winkwink*


  3. all the best 4 us dis sunday!

    go EDU go!

  4. herne: its ok. now i can still afford eggs. so nasik+telur+kicap+sos everyday. yummy!

    k. amal: i know..i know..this week i promise. i'll be grounded. insyaAllah. :p

    wanie: back at ya wanie!

  5. perkad is now officially over (for us)
    kata teda duit tpi beli juga digicam
    tapi dgr kata pc fair tu a bit dull,
    mcm teda papa ja sana
    malas maw pi aritu