Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lagi sedap dari yang kat Bazaar

i know it has been awhile since i really updated my blog. kalau anda perasan, post saya sebelum ni semuanya pendek-pendek. tu sebab saya takda idea dan sangat sibuk la tuu.

these past few weeks have been soo hectic with the crammed up tests, assignments and presentations. those who agree with me say, "ahoi!".

and i discovered this funny thing last thursday (which is the day we have our third language classes) when looking at my friends' statuses on YM.

Acad: ~Word of the day: wo bu zhidao!

In: ~swioyo~

Izzatul: ottoke?

Moja: wo bu pei

seems our third language has taken a toll on us, huh? ;)

(im not really sure if in's "swioyo" is actually korean or not. but it sure sounds like it. :p)

it has been 12 days of fasting and for once, today im going to cook. yes, applaud please. my 5 other housemates have all gone back home. to their families. leaving me home alone. do i feel like crying? yes. its not that they didnt offer to drag me along, but i insisted not to. i sometimes enjoy having my alone time. even if that means breaking my fast alone with cucoq ikan bilis. dont pity me. the bazar ramadhan is too near that i could actually order my meal by yelling (too bad there isnt any service like that). just malas nak pegi sorang-sorang.

so perhaps you guys have figured out by now, that im writing a long post today not because ive actually got this great thing to share with but simply because i finally have this freeee time to do anything i want. however, our internet connection has become a bit of a disappointment lately. i've even been malas to online my YM because with every sentence i send, it will then cause me to be disconnected. yes, i am Ms. DC.

something has happened to me. and as much as i want to share it with everyone in the whole wide world, i prefer to keep it small. but you guys can know that im happy. reaaaallly happy. :)
to those who have been praying for my happiness, i thank you and may Allah grant the same back at ya. and to you who have been doing vice versa. well, i'll pray for your happiness anyway. and no, im not being hypocrite but im being kind. you should try that some time. :)

so i have today, tomorrow and sunday to be alone. some people would do anything to not be alone. but i kinda enjoy it. call me weird but i guess im used to it. again, dont pity me or think im this freak who doesnt know how to socialize thus making me have this dire need for isolation. sometimes, i just wanna be alone. senang kan bela saya ni? :p

oh i created this poem. well actually its a puisi. or is it syair? nevermind, its my first Malay poem. and i know that its terribly jiwang. HAHA. so whoever feels that they're too weak to handle mushy stuff. shoooh! go now! :p

Kau kejutkanku
dari angan-angan dunia.
Kau berikanku
lebih dari yang ku pinta.

Kau kuatkanku
dengan kisah-kisah syurga.
Kau tenangkanku
dengan doa-doa bahagia.

Kau sedarkanku
bahwa kau yang ku tunggu.
Kau yakinkanku
hidup ini untuk Yang Satu.

Jadi usah kau risau
usau kau cemburu.
Diri ini tidak hirau
sesiapa selain diri mu.

azie nazri
10/09/08 9.37pm

oh its almost 6pm. gotta start doing my cucoq ikan bilis. selamat berbuka rakan-rakan. :)


  1. wah..
    someone's being independent today.
    couldn't agree more!
    sumtimes privacy is all we need.
    we can do whatever things that we wanna do.

    glad that tis week is over.
    bye bye to all tests n quizzes.

  2. u cook and u create malay poems?!woahhhhhhhh soo proud of u!!!*insert hug*

  3. hahaha...

    see? who's being jiwang right now? and a bit sastera?

    nice poem by d way

    p/s: i hate my huayu test!

  4. taufik: kan? i love privacy. :)

    aina: hehehe. comell la u ni. tq2.

    moja: jiwang n bersastera? eh saya memang semulajadi sebegitu. anda juga rasanya. :p

  5. Kamu hebat..
    berpuisi sambil menunggu masak cucur udang..

  6. aziE!!!!!!!!!!

    copyright reseRved kah puisi itu??



    dunia sementara,akHirat seLamanya,,:D

  7. cucuq ikan bilis my fav :)

    u're d opposite of me,

    i don't like to be alone....

    klu sye jd kamu sy nangis jek duk sorg2(mengada kan?)

    sbb sy ni sgt peke kpd sgale bunyi2 ketika sy sorg2 and ayah saye juge mengesahkannye bnde tue since dr sy kecik ;)

    well, happy fasting azie

  8. acad: HAHA. mana adalaaa. cucoq bilis dibuat selepas berpuisi. :p

    kak amal: untuk kak amal mana ada copyright reserved. ;) ya yaa. pengorbanan sekarang untuk kebahagiaan kelak.

    wanie: wanie, saya pun kalau dah duk sorang2 ni sensitif kepada bunyi gak. tapi ignore jeee. jangan ditegur sudah! hehe. hepy fasting to u too!

  9. ermm..
    kombinas kesunyian + cucuq ikan bilis..
    jadi nukilan..
    terer tol kamu ni az..

    btw, nukilan tu lebih kpd lirik lagu..
    but, nice!

    nasib baik tak dak unsur ikan bilis

  10. hah!jiwang gler puisi!
    kalah org blajar puisi nih!

  11. jazlee: lirik lagu? oh mungkin lepas ni kamu boleh tolong composekan lagu untuknya. mana tau, jadi hit hangat di radio? :p

    k.dib comel: hehehehe. saya memang jiwang. kak dib nak blajar dari saya? :p