Friday, October 17, 2008

Let me win yours

was tagged by the cuties; nashrah and aina. :)

My top 10 favourite food.
- nasik with lots of gravy. biaq banjir.
- kicap manis cap kipas udang
- spaghetti
- bread, buns, pastry
- cookies cookies cookies (esp digestive ones)
- nasik lemak
- tom yam
- kuih traditional like kuih seri muka, kuih ketayap, karipap!
- nasik briyani with lots of raisins!
- pizza!!

10 Things I love doing
- reading
- surf the web
- sleeeping :p
- writing
- talking
- day dreaming
- sewing
- blogging
- read his letters
- listen to music

5 Types of girls that I adore
- someone like my mom- soo young spirited. sometimes more than me!
- real. doesnt pretend to be someone that she's not
- listens and doesnt just talk
- sensitive
- genuinely caring and trustful

5 Things I love doing when I'm feeling down
- make a silent prayer
- watch a very sad movie so that i could cry
- write in my diary and keep saying to myself that its not all that bad
- blurt it all out to my pals or mama
- sleep! :p

5 Things I love doing when I'm happy
- giggle
- talk with this unsual happy tone
- write
- make dumb jokes
- sleep? hehe ok ok sing. :p

10 Ways to win my heart
- base his love to me because of Allah
- love should be more than words. he shows how much he cares. :)
- win my parents' hearts :p
- doesnt easily give up
- he is him. and i like that him. no need for being like any other him.
- he's the one who leads in every aspect. not the other way around.
- he brings out the best in me
- takes me seriously as in doesnt take me for granted
- he accepts my flaws
- can make me smile when im having a really bad day

My top 5 most favourite junk food
- vanilla ice cream
- cadbury bytes
- pringles
- chachos BBQ

5 Things I wish it could happen soon
- the semester hols!!!!!!! pleaaaaaaaaaase. pretty please. :(
- the final drama
- the gaps between the final papers
- 20th march
- monorail penang to be starting already!

5 Ridiculous things I wish to do before I die
- merempit hahaha
- go overseas just for a vacation
- buy a genuine designer outfit
- be the voice of an animated character in a Disney cartoon
- meet brad pitt :p

My top 5 recently most addicted song
unchained melody- the platters
you and i- michael buble
going on- Gnarles Barkley
just dance- Lady Gaga
love story- Katherine McPhee


  1. hye there crumby. hehe.. my daily cuppa coffie's reading blogs. just wanna taste the spices of sum real drama of life 'stead of staged ones. so i hope u dun mind me reading (tho it dusnt show here fo fellas-i-knoe-views-only, still, the apology).

    haha nt that i got to say anything serious, but just that i notice we have similar "5 Ridiculous things I wish to do before I die", minus merempit turn into cutting people open (fo surgical reason), and brad pitt into keanu reeves/george clooney/daniel craig/viggo mortensen.(^^,)

    so what Disney character u'd always dream doing voice? hehe.. (u hv my email)

  2. hey there elly-jen. nice of u to join in being a part of my crumbs! yupp, i have to agree there that what i write here is straight from this ordinary person's life. nothing more than the ordinary so yes, if a real life is what ur looking for, uve found the right place! hehe. looking forward to read a bit of yours too but i can see that u dont have a link to ur blog. do share if u have one. =)

    cutting ppl open huh? lemme ges? u must be a doc to be. becos normal ppl like me wouldnt have the urge to cut ppl open. heheheh
    uuu keanu reeves, george clooney, daniel craig, viggo mortensen??? okaaay, its easy for me to see why. HAHA

    the Disney character? well, ive been imagining myself being Belle in beauty and the beast. hehehe.