Sunday, October 26, 2008

Papa would kill me

"Hey woman!! You see my stomach here??! I'm also pregnant! But do I go eating whatever I want especially the Sultan's fruit?? NOOOO!!"

finally my 3 weeks of being on and off pregnant has come to an end. will i miss those days imagining that i was azielina jolie? hmmm, maybe. :p

being a part of Dang Anum: When desires should be left desired was a total blast. thanks guys for being such great people to work with; Syiqin, Shaza, Waniesab, Fiqah, Hajar, A'a, Firdaous, Din and Amar. i'll miss the days of having to finish your lines and pretending that i could be more "jantan" than you guys. :p i cant seem to get anyone's lines from my head. they're like songs going on and on and on. ;)

during one of our early drama classes with Madam Rosalind, i still remember her saying, "I know that now, you feel that time passes so slowly in drama class."

and i was saying to myself, "time passes slowly? it doesnt passes slowly. it feels like it doesnt passes at all!!"

she continued, "....but as we do more and more activities and warm ups, i promise you each and everyone of you will enjoy yourselves and have a good time,"

by that time, i was doing a silent prayer; "please let me fall sick every Monday from 2-5 pm," Drama scared me. A LOT!

but bit by bit, she proved her words were true. i slowly opened up. sloooowwly. but i did. and BAM! who would've known(not even me), that my "opening up" ended up making me an evil 8months pregnant woman hehehe.

being preggers was not the only 1st time experience that i got. i got to wear make up! yupp, a day to be noted in my diary; me wearing thick greenish-bluish eyeshadow, extra blushing pink blusher and firing red lipstick. and the best part is, i did it myself! (i discovered a hidden talent haha).  honestly, i didnt know what i was doing. our make-up artist had her hands full so i decided to play with the colourful thingies myself. and yes, it was fun. really, really, fun. the bad part was, i didnt dare to drink water although i was thirsty badly at that time because i worried i'd smudge my lipstick. i looked like a clown+joker. and thats a good thing when you're on stage.

so yes Madam, we had great fun. tiring. but fun. nothing felt better than the sound of the applause at the end of the day. so thank you for giving us the chance to open up and make a fool of ourselves. :p

thanks to everyone who came and supported us and congratulations to all the other groups who made such fantastic presentations as well.

to the casts of Voila! Production, please accept my apologies of bringing my Hu Du Men a bit too much sometimes. blame the unstable hormones that we pregnant women have to handle. ok ok no, seriously i'm sorry if i got a bit garang sometimes. i become a monster when i dont get enough sleep, rest and food. mintak maaf ye rakan-rakan? :)

aaaah, i'm so missing you guys already.

Standing from left: Meranti(without pregnant belly), Tanjung, Tun Bija Ali, Sultan Mahmud Shah, Laksamana Megat, Teratai, Kemboja.

Sitting from left: Cempaka, Dang Anum and Melur.


  1. Azielina Jolie!!!!.... autograph plz....!!!!hahaha

  2. congrats for the brilliant performance!
    finally drama has come to its end..
    lots of memories were carved.
    the time practising was definitely worth it.

  3. Hasan: kejap, kejap. nak biasakan diri sign guna nm azielina. HAHA.

    Taufik: yes it was. thanks taufik!

  4. ooppps!

    nape dalam pic tuh, da flat eyh? Hahahaha!
    now, stop your hu du men and stop callin me nerdy moja. (ive read nash's blog, ok!)


  5. azielina jolie,u were sexayyyyy;)
    kudos u guys!it ws very entertaining

  6. u were sooo angelina jolie dat nite! cantik gile :)) d drama was fun and hilarious. wish i could watch it again :)

  7. moja: its called the on-off pregnant syndrome. HAHA.
    yelaa..yelaa..tak ejek dah pasni. ur not a nerd. but hw bout geek? :p

    aina: sexaay? uuu, my dad's so gonna kill me now! HAHA.
    TQ for the support aina. :)

    nashrah: hihihi. ni yang rasa nak pregnant salu ni. tq nashrah :p

  8. azielina jolie???

    nice one..

    oh yes I barely knew u with ur make-up..
    but 1 thing for sure..
    u r evil!

    nice job guys..
    eqin was super hilarious!

  9. missed watching ur performance coz i was demam that day....

    really wanna watch it..... heard from aziz it was hilarious...

  10. Wonderful, wonderful!!!! Bravo. bravo!!!!!

  11. acad: hihihi. evil kan? am trying to get the evilness out of me tapi susah. :p yupp, cqin is the real life kemboja. heheh. tq acad! u guys were awesome too!!

    safwan: u were demam? ooh hope ur ok now. its ok, perhaps u could watch us some other time. :)

    sheikh: *bows*

  12. u look sooo beautiful kak azie...

  13. hehe..i link ur bl0g t0 mine alright? v0ila!