Friday, October 31, 2008

U need the Sun to call it Sunnies

i wore my favourite pair of sunnies and let these pics(and a few more) playing at the slides behind me.

and then i said,
As you can see right now. me and these beautiful behind me have one thing in common. okay, nooo. unfortunately i'm not a celeb also, but.....

i persuaded my audience to wear sunnies. where did i get the idea? not sure. i like wearing them. my mom likes wearing them. even my dad does. and i know most people do. madam liked the idea. so yea.

at the end of my speech, i said
so let's all come to the fac after this with our sunnies on!

but honestly, i didnt really mean it. yea, you can wear it on the way to the fac. why not kan? its blazing hot nowadays. but please, when you get in the class, please take them of. nampak poyo ok. :p

and the most popular trend nowadays, wear sunnies in the mall. i mean IN the mall? takyah la kuut. mall tu takdak sinar UV pun. maybe it'll look stylish on Paris Hilton or Victoria Beckham, regardless where and when they wear them. but to us, normal human beings, lets keep our sunnies outdoors shall we? :)

orang lain tulis pasal persuasive speech, saya pun nak nyibuk jugak. :p cant believe the sem's over.


  1. too bad i left my clip-ons back in Penang...guess i'm stuck with my pair of normal spectacles then.... ಥ_ಥ

  2. hahaha....kool..... nanti i try pakai sunnies yg lens besar sampai ke hidung.

    hidung pun perlu sun protection.

  3. i have a couple of sunnies but i can't see myself wearing them cuz x selese :)) even when im driving i cant cuz i feel like sunnies menghadkan penglihatan hahaha. but u look good wearing them though so truskanlah hehe.

    p.s: i cant believe this sem's over too. sedih. :/

  4. sheikh: u hev clip ons? so cool!! takyah pakai contact lens kan? menarik.

    safwan: hahaha. yupp, u shud get those nerdy looking ones. they're in now. :p

    nashrah: btul2, ada gak yg xslesa. makes me hv headaches. n yes, i tried wearing them once wen i was driving. n i cant! rasa insecure. hehe. takpe, we'll keep them for the beaches.

    sedih kan? tapi rasa bes gak sbb dah nak balik! :D

  5. i like your last sentence.

    "can't believe the sem's over"

    me too.
    i thought this sem will never end =)

  6. hehehe.
    we're coming to it.
    pejam celik pejam celik.
    n we'll be in sem4 next year.

  7. wearing it in mall is close to intolerable..
    but wearing it in my lips..C.I.N.E.M.A is far from the norms..
    ada ke ari tuh I saw someone lam cinema pakai shade..
    yg ala2 Paris Hilton/posh nye shades..


    *first thing to buy next sem is a pair of sunnies, no kidding, so be prepared in any cases of bumping with me with a shade on*

  8. acad: huh?? in the cinema?? woww, he/she must have eyes that are extremely sensitive to light if he/she needs to wear them in the cinema. haha.

    uuu, be a trend setter acad! lets wear our sunnies to the fac. yeah! :p