Saturday, November 15, 2008

2 Down, 1 to go!

Aiman used to hate going to his Montessori. he would cry every morning and made lame excuses so that he wouldnt have to go.

but one day, my parents made a deal with him.

"Aiman, if you be a good boy and go to school today, on the way back home, we'll stop by the bakery and get whatever you want."

my brother, a carbs-lover like me, couldnt resist the offer. so every morning, he would try his best to be a "good boy."

that, my friends is what we call Extrinsic Motivation. when students are extrinsically motivated, they will do something to obtain something else. in this case, a cheese coated bun or a chocolate sprinkled donut.

hehehehe. sorry, im in the middle of cracking my brain like many other people out there tonight studying psycho but just had to have a break to share some crumbs.

i just cant focus no matter how hard i try. i keep repeating, "oh esok balik!!! YEAY!!"

after 8 tormenting weeks (a new record), im finally going back to sweet home georgetown tomorrow night.

guess i'll see ya guys at penang in the following month or so, huh?

Good Luck buddies and Happy Hols!!!!!!!