Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ainul Mardhiah

when choosing a new outfit, the questions that i need to answer before i continue my steps to the cashier are;

"would i be grounded for buying this?"

"would i still be wearing it next year?"

"would papa ask me, "ikut hukum boleh ke pakai macam tu, kaklang?""

"would he eye me differently if i wear it?"

and of course the most ultimate question;

"would ALLAH approve me wearing it,"

being a girl, i have this irrational need to buy endless amount of clothes.

sesungguhnya Allah SWT sukakan kesederhanaan dan bencikan pembaziran

i knowww. and i think i am actually practicing moderation. am i? well im trying.

but oh, dont i just get all excited when i see new trends in those fashion websites and magazines. though i dont look at all like a fashionista to you, i have this very very very deep enthusiasm(?) for fashion. i love reading fashion mags, i love watching any shows with runways on them, i love visiting fashion blogs, i admire fashion designers, i love looking at clothes and imagine that i could wear them.

uhuh. a thought that always occur to me(and i believe other hijabians out there) when we see out of bounds outfits is,

"if only i was allowed to, i would wear this."

but the thought just has to stop there because if i think too much about it, i'd probably buy it anyway and save it for special events at home with my future husband hahahaha.

but my dear ladies, dont worry. you know the sacrifice that we have to endure right now is totally for our happiness here after, right?

we just have to believe that our life now is short. (life's short so enjoy it to the max?) well okaaay. but in Islam, everything has its limits. and believe it or not, these limits are not made out of the blue. everything has a reason. what we are confining ourselves into right now is to make us become the most beautiful angels  in Jannah.

if we think what we're wearing right now is going to make guys drop their jaws with admiration, then bear in mind that if we obey His rules now, in Jannah, we'll be 70 times prettier than the angels. oh and did you know, the ugliest angel in Jannah, is the most beautiful woman on earth? most beautiful woman. hmmm. a Miss World perhaps? and she's the ugliest in Jannah.

so who cares if im not a head-turner on earth for not wearing the latest trends, for draping myself in layers and layers of black clothes, for not being able to show just a lil bit of skin? because my mission is to be Miss Jannah for my husband in the life here after. insyaAllah :)

so yea, although i leave Forever 21, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, MNG,  with a sinking feeling for not being able to wear most of their clothes(also because of financial factor hehehe)  , im just hoping that it will cause Allah's mercy when i will need it soon. ameen.


  1. the idea of being Miss Jannah is wonderful!
    one thing that I'm so thankful to Allah for giving this 'size' is that i will think twice when I want to buy/wear up-to-date clothes sbb I will look hideous and never feel comfortable...
    still practicing myself to wear clothes accordingly (please pray for me k?)
    well azie, i love the way you dressed yourself...very moderate and nice!

  2. Never thought it is that hard for you to buy clothes....

    never fret that you can't wear those clothes...

    you look better in ur hijabs. (blush)

  3. sEe azie,kite sEmua saNgat cHantEk*winkwink*:D

  4. hohoho..

    betul2. I like dis idea. Its actually all in your mind. Xsemestinye pakai sendat sana sini lawa. Mmg laa its a head turning for guys, tapi, nak wat jadi Isteri? Sorry.

    You look nice already. Kan Allah dah janji, lelaki yang baik untuk perempuan yang baik, and vice versa.

    *owh. pandai moja nasihat orang. diri sendri berterabur xtentu hala. :D

  5. azie, what u wrote here is so true! sumtimes i find myself tempted to buy things that i know it's not easy on the eyes and i know is wrong but bcuz it looks so nice and cantik, i want it. but then i think nnt org akan pdg kita and our body parts yg terserlah and kita sendiri dah berdosa. rase sgt2 rase guilty and i will put the clothes back on the rack. wearing a tudung and all, i used to feel very insecure cuz all my friends weren't wearing one. but as i grew up, i didnt feel that way anymore. i embraced it :D and i remind myself, the things you do now is for the here after so baik jgn wat dosa. oh i just love ur post ni hahaha.

    btw, i like the term 'hijabians!' it sounds so cool hhahaha

    oh and sory tulis pjg2.

  6. wanie: wanie, there's nothing wrong with ur size. its the clothes' size that are out of the ordinary. :) i'll pray for u, u'll pray for me ok? because i sometimes get carried away too. n tq wanie. that is soo sweet!! u always look nice n pretty too! n always kemas. :)

    safwan: ohh safwan. ur making me blush now. hehehhe. TQ safwan. but the thing that makes me envy u is, u just dont get enough sleep n u'll loose a few kilos. that is soo unfair! haha :p

    kak amal: yeee, kak amal cantik dan menawan di dunia lagi. tapi kat akhirat doa bg kita sama2 cantik ok? ;)

    moja: btul tu moja. thats the idea actually, make people see us beyond everything that can be seen. because only then we'll know if he/she likes us for what we have inside or outside. cantik di luar sampai bila je? 40, 50? tapi cantik di dalam is for eternity.
    insyaAllah bila kita salu nasihat org, Allah akan masukkan nasihat2 kita tu kat diri kita jugak. (thats why i go giving advice to ppl altho diri ni takla sebaik mana)

    tq moja. :)

    nashrah: kan? i used to feel that way too. seeing ppl wearing whatever they want looked so syok. i envied them. but then tulaa, setakat manala keseronokan n kenikmatan kat dunia ni nak banding ngan kat akhirat. itula pujukan diri ini. hehe.
    glad that u've embraced our muslimah identity. tudung is more than just a covering of hair, its our secret, its our weapon, its the way of us saying i respect myself. n insyaAllah when we wear it because of Allah, other sins would go away.

    hehe tq for loving this post. i love it too. :p
    arent we just proud that we're hijabians? heheh

    oh n i love looong comments. :)

  7. berjubah lagi cantek dari baju kat topshop..

    tapi, leather jacket kat topman tetap pujaan atiku..
    keh keh keh

  8. heylow si chantek yang ayu.
    i never posted anythin in ur blog before but believe me, im up to date with whatever u write. this one, cant make my fingers stop runnin through the keyboards..

    pertama-tama, u're beautiful. so whatever u wear, u'll always look gud! TRUST ME!
    kedua-due, i cant say much cos i know nothin much. but here's sumtin i wud like to share with you bcause there's always the time when i wud want to leave the hijab(which i did sumtimes) n go back to my funky-trendy times before i put the hijab on my head but then this site will make me change my mind again... njoy! =)

  9. jazli: moga ku lebih rajin pakai jubah lepas ni. :p ohh leather jacket topman?? anda pakai itu dan semua gadis akan sangka anda terminator. woo, kacak2.
    selamat simpan duit utk memilikinya! ;)

    firra: firra?? as in The gorgeous Zafira? wooo welcome to the Crumbs of Me! :D
    ooo, thats so sweet of u but no, diri ini biasa2 saja. jauh dr beatiful tp tq!! you though, own ur utmost confident n eccentric taste of choosing clothes which now i know, where u get some tips from.
    TQ for that site. sgt interesting. dah letak link kat sblh ni. senang klau nak visit lg. ;)
    hijabs, they make us unique dont they? n one thing that ive been admiring of u is ur faithfulness to ur one-of-a-kind hijabs. they do make u stand out from the crowd.
    so yeaa, i agree.
    with ur hijabs u can still remain being the funky trendy you!
    oh n rajin2 la tglkn komen lg!

  10. hye azie..
    dis is my first time reading ur blog..pardon me, ur nice blog;)
    n my first time as well leaving u a comment..
    i juz love dis post n i cnt help myself from sharing sumthing wit u..
    u know..ter is a time when i feel i wan to go out without wearing the hijab n even tempted to dye my hair as i saw many of my fren dye their hair, rebond and stuff like dat..n me, being the easily-influence-gurl very very tempted to do the same thing(which i still do not do bcz i afraid of my dad)..
    n now u had made me realize d beauty of wearing hijab n though we r nt able to wear those alluring clothes, we r still beautiful in our own way..;)

    n i will still stick to my hijab nt bcz of my dad bt bcz of Allah..amin..

  11. fitriah: hi fit! nice to see you here! :)
    welcome to Crumbs of Me!

    you dont know how happy i am to know that this post has helped you in any way it had.
    Allah swt has made all his plans perfect and its just the matter of us believing in it.
    same goes with hijab. terlalu banyak himahnya and im glad that you'll join the other hijabians out there to embrace it. alhamdulillah :)