Thursday, November 20, 2008

Creative thinking required

i found my brother's SPM papers scattered around my mom's room. there was only one paper that i was interested in, Bahasa Inggeris 1119/1 (of course).

and you guys would not believe what was one of the questions for the Section B: Continuous Writing.

3. My perfect future husband and wife.

What??? this is SPM. these kids have just pratically entered teenhood. and you're telling them to talk about their spouses? HAHAHAHAHA. i thought we're not even allowed to have boyfriends/girlfriends during school. let alone think about our husbands and wives? oh or am i still living in the Stone Age?

but i do have to agree that this question is kinda interesting. i wouldnt mind being one of the examiners just so that i could read what 17 year olds ideas of a perfect husband or wife would be. kids are getting smarter and much more mature nowadays, arent they? so perhaps their answers would include; responsible, kind, caring, respectful rather than tall, handsome/pretty, wealthy, sexy, etc.

i wonder if i would choose that question if it was in my SPM. i dont think i would. too risky if you ask me. i mean, what would an adult think when a 17 year old starts to describe his/her future husband/wife? it would sound kinda... well.. dreamy. not that being dreamy is bad. i've been a dreamer all my life. but for the SPM? i think i prefer staying on the solid ground.

if it was me answering the paper, i think i would choose no. 4.

write a story ending with:

"....Now I realise the value of a true friend."

sounds boring but safe.

just FYI,

these are the other options

1. Write about a person who has worked hard to succeed in life.

2. Examinations- good or bad?

5. Stars

what would you choose?


  1. oh yeah..
    continuous writing is the best part..
    once I start writing..I just couldn't stop..
    I would scribble to 5-6 papers..
    until my teacher jokingly said

    "you know, you have to spend other times on the first section too..well because it's continuous, doesn't mean you have to write continuously.."

    oh ok..
    sebenarnya nk wish happy holiday jek..

  2. scary nyee tnye psl future husband and wife...
    mcm x patut jek...
    tp mcm besh jugak ;)
    hepi hols :D

  3. hehe..tentu sekali saya tak akan memilih s0alan future husband/wife. just because i w0uld c0ntinue writing with endless imaginati0n. nanti tak sempat nak jawab s0alan yang lain pula.apa2 pun saya tak akan memilih husband yang cakap "i just want t0 help y0u with these cl0thes.."


    (ph0netics pun nyawa2 ikan..ada hati nak kahwin..belajar dulu shaza 0i!!)

  4. acad: HAHAHA. guess thats why we're doing tesl now huh? we ENJOY answering the english paper. hehehe
    n yess. i'll certainly enjoy my hols. ;)

    wanie: hehe kalau tanya sekarang mebe tak scary kut kan wanie?
    happy hols to u too. =)

    shaza: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. shaza perli tajam! HAHAHAAHAHA. lawak lawak.
    have to agree with u there! :p

  5. I'll write about stars. but I'll treat the stars as metaphors, ie. what comes across peoples' mind when it comes to stars.

    sounds boring, kan? tapi ok gak. bole torture examiner time2 cuti ni. hihi haha hehe..

  6. Cotinous writing. crita aku tergantung dulu. sebab aku ingat ada masa lagi sejam.
    seb baik dapat a2..

  7. safwan: not boring at all. the first thing that crossed my mind when i think about stars is Dr Sheikh's book, "reach for the stars". so yea, talking about achieving dreams could be one of the story.

    jazli: uish, tak sempat abis? mesti sebab idea mencurah2. A2? haa, ok la tuu. alhamdulillah.

  8. umm...which Dr Sheikh are referring to?.... XD

    but i'd definitely go with 'Stars'.....

  9. hehehe. Dr Sheikh Muszaphar but our own Dr Sheikh pun boleh jugak. ;)

  10. salam ziarah.. ade mase, jenguk2 laa blog hamba.. :)

  11. ur blog~ captivates me (vocab xmeluas..haha)
    neway, i link u in my page.. senang nk cri.
    epy hols n take care

  12. farzen master: hehehe i guess you should. ;)

    jhazkitaro: sure sure. insyaAllah.

    syafa: eh hi syafa!! nice of u to drop in! happy hols to u too.
    leave me ur link too next time you come ok? :)

  13. heheh..
    blog hopping memg best la..
    terbukti mnusia2 tesl suka menaip n mengarang secara unconcious..haha

    btw here's my blog- syapadonut.blogspot =>

  14. HAHAHAHAHA is it fr real? kenapa lah mase kita spm dulu takde soalan macam tu? it's good jugak.bcs if nt, i might ended up answering the continuous writing section je.

    hmm, if it is fr the sake of getting A, i would answer the stars question :) stars remind me of lots of wondrful things in the world.

  15. syafa: i have to agree with you. manusia2 tesl mmg ada habit sebegitu hehe.
    orait, i'll link ur blog to mine too.

    tiqah: hi tiqah!! 1st time dropping by ey? =)
    yupp, for real. lawak kan? yeaa, i think stars is kinda interesting too.

  16. ahahah my future hubby/wifey?? spm Q-makers musta been out of it! or they wer preparing the Q after "the bunga telur n the bally shoes" class.

    i think i'd pick star. it's fun that u cn be a rock'star' on 1119 paper!! n send the examiner imagining they'd b one too. ;)

  17. i miss spm papers. -since nw no english paper in my course anymore-

    i remembered my continuous writing was bout being a secret agent n how we'd b safe if nuclear power's in mosleem's hands 'stead of russians n americans - cz being in such syumul religion we wont go round bombing to our will, ryte?
    hahah then it hits me. what boring writing hv i submitted! ;P bt like safwan-san said, think it's ok 2 torture the examiners once in a while..
    hehe.. *wink*

  18. elly-jen: haaa, so thats where they got the idea! bunga telur and bally shoes!! hehehhe

    rockstar eh? very good idea indeed!

    that is boring??? that would NEVER cross my mind for an spm essay.
    lady, u should be publishing a book!

  19. hehe no, cz i just thought that who the heck wants to read on nuclear politics? not even me! ;P
    have the idea, but not the colorful language. i even misspelled in xm.
    technology influences, omg the short forms! must have=musta. know=noe. nasib baiklah paper ok. (=.=)'

  20. oh maybe they wudnt wanna know about nuclear politics but they sure will be impressed with ur utmost creative idea! i know, i wud!

    short forms. the disadvantages of SMSs and ym. hehehe