Saturday, December 6, 2008

Not too late, am I?

Okay, so I just couldn’t sit still while everyone was going in a frenzy of being a Twilighter. Though channel E almost tempted me  to go watch the movie starring the late Cedric Diggory, I kinda have this rule of not wanting to watch any movies based on novels without reading the books first.

A reason for that? Of course because, I like to let my own imagination take over the characters’ looks and also because movies always become a big disappointment for being so off track from the real story line. The 15% discount for the book at Popular plus my Popular member card discount, which means I got the book with 25% off also contributed to the reason I joined in the bandwagon. :p

I’m not going to make another book review as im sure we’ve had enough of that. But then again, being this person who wants to share most of her thoughts with the world, I do have something to babble about. ;)

First of all, its easy to like any story that has a perfect hero in it. And the fact that Meyer had to remind the reader of Edward’s perfection every time(and I do mean EVERY time) Bella looked at him may have brought the same effect to the readers as well. I couldn’t help myself from imagining my very own version of Mr Perfect as Edward. Which was very entertaining. Ok, that should stop there. What I meant to say was, Edward being a perfect human being.. I mean,  a perfect vampire very much helped the story to become more than just a joyful read for more than billions of dreamy people like me. Ladies, in particular. ;)

As I managed to read the book with almost the same speed rate as reading Harry Potter, I found the most interesting part was when Edward brought Bella to the woods and he confessed what he had to go through when he first met Bella. How their untouchable relationship affected them. How Edward experimented his ‘strength’ by kissing Bella. I just couldn’t stop thinking at this point how their relationship had a bit of a similarity between men and women in Islam.

I remembered Fahri in Ayat-Ayat Cinta (yes, I finally managed to watch the movie) said, “Men and women in Islam are not allowed to date. We have takruf,” And if we, muslims are still wondering, “Why?”.Well, the electricity wave that existed when Edward and Bella touched could be an easy example.

“Mind over matter,” Edward says.

I say, “Iman over matter.”


Oh and and one more thing. Kids should not be reading that book. They should stay with Harry Potter.

p/s: I like the new wordpress dashboard!


  1. Hahaha.

    Yes, Azie, Yes.
    Iman over matter.

    I'm looking forward to read AAC, the novel. I find it a looot better than the movie. Hehehe!


  2. azie, ur so right. i know how hard it feels like cuz im experiencing it!

  3. may we all succeed the challenge. insyaAllah. Iman over matter. ;)

  4. moja: u know what? i was curious after watching the movie of how AAC's real story line was. so i downloaded the novel. hehe. just to see if i cud understand the language. and altho there are a few words that i cudnt comprehend but i think its kinda ok. so im gonna buy the book soon!

    nashrah: oh its hard isnt it? but we just have to be strong. its for us n our edward's sake in the future. it'll be allll worthwhile then. believe me. :)

    elly-jen: insyaAllah. ameen. :)

  5. b0oks are always better than the m0vies. because 0ur imaginati0n can g0 wild. n ahaks. harry p0tter f0rever. yeah! <3

  6. i like the dashboard too!it looks uber cool.elmo kann?

  7. askum azie...lamanya tak masuk sini..1st,congrtltn sbb dah jd teacher..bestkan..lama juga dah tak jumpa azie..kak piah skrg ada d perlis..dan tentang AAC conta tu,memang novel lg best..kak piah dok kat sini dah abis baca buku tu..sememg nya agak berbeza juga antara keduanya,novel dan movie tu....
    Azie bila habis cuti,kak piah insyaAllah pada 28 nie nak p penang..boleh bawa budak2 jumpa azie..mai dah rindu...

  8. Azie,

    I've finished reading 'Does My Head Look Big In This' and I do believe it is a must-read for you!


  9. i read that too. love the wittiness in it. hehe.. mrs. randa abdel fattah has her 2nd book, "Ten Things I Hate About Me". its a nice read too.

  10. elly-jen,

    Thanks for informing!!!

    *buat macam blog sendiri*

  11. update!

    malas betul cikgu nih

  12. shaza: kan kan? i soo agree! yeah!!

    aina: hehehe thats mr cookie monster. my twin. :p

    k.piah: wsalam k.piah.. lamanya tak jumpa k.piah, tiap kali balik setiawan, tanya maklang, mai tak balik ke? hehe.
    azie pun dah start baca novel tu n memang azie setuju jalan cerita and kehalusan bahasa dia jauh lagi bes dari movie.
    azie kena balik shah alam by the end of this month. 28 tu tak balik lagi tapi insyaAllah kami keluar 3hari waktu tu.. alaaa, kalau tak bleh jumpa mai kan..

    moja: guess what?? ive been searching that book at 3 populars already and all of them are not available! "finish oredy," they say. alaaaa, nyesal tak beli waktu tengah banyak2 ritu.

    elly-jen: oh really? am sure gonna read that too. as soon as i get my hands on Does my head looks big in this first. heyy, thanks! :)

    moja: amboi..amboi..dahla buat macam blog sniri. pastu cakap orang pemalas pulakk! nak kena niii!! hahaha.
    teacher sangat busylaaa. busy mengajar, melayan tetamu dan menikmati cuti! :p

  13. mwahaha!
    xpe2, you can borrow mine next month.

    huisyy... sibuk betol. My tummy is getting round and round and round. My mom really know how to cook (and make me feeling guilty too). I should stop eating. xpe, next week, i'm back in s.a. Time to get rid of bad, bad fat and cholestrol. Hehehe.


  14. Teacher Azie!! Masuk la blog baru ni =D

  15. Azie,
    mind lending me ur Popular book card..
    gila x malu..

    been tempted with the twilight saga too since I'm not a very ardent sequel-book reader..
    wanna try Meyer's pieces of art and probe what the fuss is all about..

    I've been searching the books in Popular back in Kelantan but all were sold out..

  16. k.nad: okeh!! i'll be there!

    acad: hehehe actually ive been thinking of doing my own next year. this one is my mom's. :p

    kan? all good books seem to be sold out. taula kita terlambat sikit kann. hehe