Thursday, January 8, 2009



More than 600 Palestinians have been killed in the fighting. According to U.N. figures more than a quarter of the Palestinian dead are civilians. A Palestinian human rights group put the figure at 40 percent.

-9.15pm 7th Jan 2009

:'( This absurd, irrelevant, absolutely stupid and inhuman injustice MUST come to an end.

Oh Israeli,

Beware,  the doas of Muslims being treated with such injustice are extra powerful. My brothers and sisters, please.. let's pray for the Palestinians. Really, it's the least we could do.

To see them suffer like this, and still being ungrateful for being a Malaysian. Hmm, I don't knowlah.


  1. i seriously can't stand to watch the news or read the papers. not bcuz i dont care, but bcuz i just can't bear to see the deaths and sadness and the cruelty and stupidity of the people who do this to others. i just dont get it. i feel like choking them to death one by one. seriously! im praying for the victims everytime that i can. oh and im boycotting U.S and Israelian goods too. biar padan muke.

  2. i understand nashrah, i cant bear to see them suffering too. if only the rage could be directly expressed to those bastards by making their brains explode. oh they so deserve to suffer for what they've done. but if we do that, what makes us different from them kan? so lets just pray that Allah would pay them BIG time.

    yes, im with u!!! boycotting as much as i can. insya Allah.

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