Thursday, March 12, 2009



Hi there peeps! Welcome to Crumbs of Me (Blogger version). :p

Finally, after a whole night searching under the keyword "export wordpress blog to bloggers", I am happy and relieved to announce that I have left Wordpress.

I've been trying for many times before but haven't had the guts to leave all my writings there unentertained (no such word). I've been feeling really dissatisfied with Wordpress for quite some time and even bothered to give suggestions in the Wordpress forums saying how I envy the features they have in Bloggers. (Especially the blog list updates. I was jealous. Really jealous. But then again, tak sampai hati nak tinggalkan mereka di sana.) But they've never really replied to any of my suggestions. So, goodbye then. Don't miss me! *evil laughs*

But now, jeng jeng jeng~

As you can see, I've not only moved but I've moved fully packed!

Yupp, you read me right. Every single post and every single comment. (Although because of the different format or what not, they appear to look a bit strange, but never mind. I'm too happy to be fussy.)

If any of you are interested in knowing how, click here.

(Acad, Chip, jom jom jom pindah. I know you want to. Haha)

So hope you guys continue sharing your crumbs with me here.

and Bloggers, you better not dissappoint me or else...

p/s: Will add features and such soon. Excited! Will finally have blog list updates! Yeay!


  1. hahaha...
    welcome to the dark side...!


  2. Aehhahahahahah!

    welcome comrade, welcome! Hahahaha
    owh. you bleyh pindah semua? i nak pindahkan jugak.

    thanks. (trying)

  3. Romzi: Wsalam, ehh HI!! Tq2! Hehe gonna visit your blog after this. :)

    Safwan: Dark side? Awat Safwan? Haha

    Moja: hehehehe gelak yee.
    Tq Tq! Yupp, sayang kalau tak pindah semua.
    Just click that link there. Any questions, ask me. Oh, tapi your blog has to be less than 1Mb tau. Mine was at first 1.5Mb, so I had to delete some posts. Baru bleh import.

  4. Azie,

    patut lah..
    and that's the hardest part; DELETE.
    I have almost 3ooo comments and 300 lebh post... brapa bnyak I should delete?


  5. can i link your blog to mine?, senang sket nanti

  6. Moja: Hmmm, tulaaa. Sayang kan? But great things don't usually come for free kan? Hehe.
    Try deleting some posts at the export file.
    But then again, yours is banyak. Mesti tak larat nak delete. Tapi try la dulu.
    Good Luck!

    Romzi: It would be a pleasure. :)

  7. Oh now that we can export our posts in wordpress to bloggers..should I succumb to Blogger's temptation too??

    sigh.sigh. another legit reason to move.

  8. yeay yeay Azie dah join kte yeay yeay :D :))

  9. Acad: hehehe yes yes yes you should! bes lah kat sini ;)

    nashrah: yeay yeay! :D