Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pink Escape!

Pink Escape!
Pink Escape! - by Azie Nazri on

Like most of you, I have loadssss of work to do. In fact, I was actually doing the tables of specification for our PTE assignment when I suddenly had the idea to play Polyvore. And PTE is just one out of a hundred other things that I need to do! What. is. wrong. with. ME???

I'm worried that I'm not worried!

p/s: I love pink. Just incase you haven't noticed. ;)


  1. u know... i like pink!!!!! sooo sweet...

  2. waa i love everything uve put there! esp the bag and the shoes hehehe.

  3. what is polyvore???

    oh u like pink???
    tp x pernah nmpak pom u ever wear any pink color..

  4. and i thought u like black.. ;P

  5. Liyana: kan? very sweeet. :)

    Nashrah: The bag oh the bag! I want it! and the shoes, I wouldnt be able to wear it but oh well, I love it still hehe.

    Acad: Polyvore is a website that u can choose all the clothes, shoes, bags and everything. its actually the place where I just drool. HAHA.

    yupp, I dont think I like wearing pink although I do sometimes but I love pink things. ;)

    Iliana: I do actually! I alwaaaays wear black. But for things that I dont wear, I cant resist pink. :p