Saturday, April 18, 2009

Better than ANTM

I have a new favourite channel! Discovery Home and Health, 733. Especially 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'! Ohhh, its adorable I tell you! Sangat comel! Imagine, having a pair of twins and a set of sextuplets!

If you can't imagine how cute and of course chaotic it can be, here have a look yourself. Cuteness guaranteed. ;)

I kinda like Season 1 more. Kate was less garang. And the kids were cuter with their pelats. This is from Season 2. The twins are 8 and the sextuplets are 4.

Notice that I've been using many "!"s? Its because I get excited talking about cute creatures like babies. Hehe. And oh speaking about babies, congratulations for Kak Nad and Abang Yeh for their handsome Muhammad Adam. :)


  1. You will be a good mother, I believe. Btw, where's ur wordpress banner? I was once admired it.

  2. s0k0ng!! j0n and kate plus 8 sgt best!!!! mereka sgtttttttttt ad0rable!

  3. Ibrahim: Awww thank you. :) InsyaAllah.
    Oh the one with the cookie monster? I kinda left it at wordpress because I forgot to save it in my computer hehe. But maybe someday I'll take it back.

    Shaza: Kan kan? Comel sangat!!!!

  4. Ahahahahahahahahaha!

    I really, really can't bear that much of kids!
    Maximum: 3 at a time. (I can't handle such noiiissse)

    What a challenge!

    I admire their house, tho. BIG!

  5. Moja: Tulaa, I keep saying their comel. But try letting me have all 6 babies at a time. I think they'll mistake me for a monster. hehehehe.

    Kan? Their old house used to be small. This is huge!