Friday, April 24, 2009

Finding Mr Perfect

I wouldn’t love someone for his looks. Because I want to grow old with him. And I don’t want to stop loving him when he has wrinkles.

I wouldn’t love someone for his wealth. Because I’ve seen how money doesn’t make you happy. And besides, those luxuries are not for eternity. We’ll leave them one day.

I wouldn’t love someone for his status. Because I know it would cost me. I’d rather have him by my side than working his butt off at the office and tell me, “But this is all for our family.”


Perhaps I would love him for his looks, if he wears his white kopiah and jubah. Or if he seduces me with his lowered eyes gaze and words of hikmah. Oh and the wrinkles? It’ll make me love him more. After all, he got them from smiling too much at me. :)

And perhaps I would love him if he is wealthy in the ‘amal makruf nahi munkar’ business. Because then, I’m sure that we’ll own the hugest mansion anyone could ever imagine in Jannahville.

Oh and perhaps I would love him for his status if he becomes a well-known Khalifah. The person who people look for in works involving kindness, humbleness and sincerity. I would be more than honoured to be his Queen.

It doesn’t mean though that if he has all this AND Iman, I would love him less. Because then, it’ll be a bonus. ;)

But if he has all that but NO hints of Iman, then I think I’d have to pass. Because to me, without Iman, everything else would just be worthless.

Its true then, that Iman makes you perfect. With Iman, there would always be a purpose in life. There would always be answers when questions of dissatisfactions are asked. There would always be light for happiness even when things don’t go our way.

Iman makes life perfect. Simply because Islam is perfect.


Man with Iman = Mr Perfect.

“Aku menyintaimu kerana agama yang ada padamu. Jika kau hilangkan agama dalam dirimu, maka hilanglah cintaku padamu.”

-Imam Nawawi


  1. :)

    yes yes.

    it's like soul-searching.

    perhaps, we can be better if there's a another caliph helps us yea?


    hope. we'll find one.

  2. Oh.
    I'm so far from being in Mr. Perfect league.


  3. oh azie, im waiting for a guy like that too. everything else won't matter if he doesn't possess It. Iman that is. insyaAllah we'll meet guys/our future husbands who have all the qualities you mentioned. Amin!

  4. azie,,
    two thumbs up!!:D
    -saya sangat2 suka entry ini-;)

    [i hate it when my name appears as nur,,owh,,i couldnt sign with the open id,,care to explain how dear??:D]

  5. Tedy: Yup, a person who can make us better. Amiiin. :)

    Moja: Heyy, you dont know that. Allah does. and besides, where there's a will, there's a way. Good luck! :)

    Nashrah: Kan? I used to think that I should get someone tall, rich, blah blah. But now that I've seen life how it really is. Those things just go out the window.
    Amiiin. :)

    Nur Amalina Rusli: hehehe. Tq, Tq. I like it that you like it. ;)
    Oh u cant? Hmm, I'll teach you when I meet you soon ok?

  6. so cuuute lah azie:)

    tips to find mr perfect: be miss perfect!

    refer to post above on what perfect means.

    to those who feel that they can't join the club yet, well let's change for the better together!

  7. i want one!
    but i need to be one right? :)

  8. SAHIH!!!

    Dgn adanya Iman maka segala amalan kita menjadi ibadah.

    Dgn hidupnya dakwah maka syirik akan kluar dari hati kita, bantuan Allah akan dtg dan umat akan bersatu hati.


    hahaha....saja ja....8D

    p/s: UR TAGGED!!

  9. yeap! in finding one's life partner.. it applies the same to all men and women... iman would be the magic word..

    p/s: dude! your equation.. i like.. huhu..

    tp rasulullah tak ckp kna pandai masak pn?(oops! habihla klw depa taw..)
    "hartanya, keturunannya, kecantikannya, agamanya.." melawak ja sheikh naa.. 8D

  10. mahu jugak!

    ohh Mr.Perfect,
    jadikan saya Mrs.Marvellous.

    cooking skill?
    mane buku resipe nihh~

    nur,i like this too..
    3 thumbsup..(errk)
    hai nur..
    sedap pe..nur.
    oo nur...

  11. moQa,

    no need for a recipe book. just a week at boot camp with the 'ibu mertua' and you'll be the best chef ever.....remember, a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. lol

    p/s: this comment is meant as a satire. jgn plak sat lg ada org nak mrh2 plak. 8D

  12. ibu mertua??hahaha~alrite2
    insyaAllah one day..


  13. Wahh, I just got back and am shocked with all the sweet comments. TQ everyone! :D

    Farhana: Cute? Hehe it wasnt intended to be cute. But TQ! :)) Oh yess, betul2. Lets all change for the better so that only then we'll be qualified for Mr/Ms Perfect. :)

    Zawani: Soo true! My mission too! :D

    Sheikh: Sahih Ya Allah. Moga Allah bantu kita untuk kekal berdakwah. Amin. :)
    Hmmm, am liking your recipe for Ms Marvelous there. Bet there's one out there for u. Yang boleh masak ayam masak gajus. ;)

    Firdaous: Eh?? Firdaous?? :))
    Magic word ey? I like that. :) Hehe and the equation, it just suddenly came up. I like it too hehe.
    Pandai masak tu kan impian semua lelaki. Bahagiakan suami dengan perutnya. ;) Oh, but that could actually be in my list too. Not for guys only ja tau. :p

  14. Kak Dib: Hahahaha, buku resipi? Tak payah Kak Dib, asal ada keropok, semua jadi sedap. :))
    I like it that you and Nur like it. Nur.. Oh Nur..? Where are youuuu? Hehehehe.

    Sheikh & K. Dib: Boot camp with ibu mertua? Ohhh, I sure hope my ibu mertua is cool then hehe. Because if she's not, we could always use our charm. Kan Kak Dib kan? ;)

  15. This is DEEP!

    really captivating and it makes me ponder on my perfect girl too..

    This is beautiful too..

  16. Acad: Deep. Hehe we use that word alot dont we? ;) Glad that it makes you ponder about her. I know that I do it a lot. :p
    Ohh and thank you. I appreciate it. :)

  17. Ayam masak gajus oh....kerinduan.

    p/s: perut yg rindu. muahahaha

  18. azie,
    you made everything sound puuuurrr-fect!it's good to remind ourselves about that fact.hopefully, cinta kita kepada si dia is dedicated to Allah.

  19. Sheikh: Sat ja lagi nak balik dah Sheikh. Sabaq2! ;)

    Herne: Thank you Herne. Yes, I alwayyys have to remind myself and if it serves as a reminder to my friends as well, then alhamdulillah. :)