Monday, April 27, 2009

Haven't studied anything

Yeay! Am tagged! (No, I'm not being sarcastic. I'm genuinely excited.) Thank you, Sheikh. :)

I am:
Grounded. No kidding.

I really want to go:
Book-shopping. Or any kind of shopping really. But oh well, refer to first picture.

My favourite place:Anywhere with my family. The Harmines are normal though. ;)

My favourite drink:

Believe it. Nothing can beat plain water for me.

Favourite food:

Cookies! ;)

My favourite colours:

Black and pink. For different reasons.

My favourite show:
Too cute to resist!

My hobby:

Letting my mind wonder off. And writing.

My wish:

A vintage car. *drool*


  1. drooling.

    i love ur last wish.


    vintage car.


  2. Grounded huh...what have u done to deserve such severe punishment?! haha

    p/s: thanx for doing the tag ;)

  3. pink sangat comel kan?hehs.

    azie jum exchange link, mau?:)

  4. Tedy: Kan2? Mari kita sama2 drool. :p

    Zawani: Sooo coool!

    Sheikh: Err.. Grounded for several reasons actually. :p Your most welcome!

    Fitriah: Ohh sangat comel! Jum2!