Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I should've taken Arabic

You know what, there are a lot of things that I want but I can't have. I wish I could study overseas. I wish that my driving skills would improve. I wish that my parents would let me drive. I wish that I could buy all the books that I want. And read them too. I wish I didn't suck as much in my dumb Korean test just now. (Hate kill hate kill). I wish I had a memory of an elephant. I wish I could wear my many black tudungs, baju kurungs, dresses and jubahs everyday without people saying, "Azie, are you mourning?" I wish there wouldn't be this long gap for the finals. I wish calling Indonesia and India wouldnt be so costly. I wish me and him don't have to go through all this. And I wish I could just stop wishing sometimes. Why? Because it makes me ungrateful. Allah swt has given me so much. So why keep looking at the glass as half empty? So what if I'd have to repeat Korea next sem?? OH GOD NOOOOOOO!!!! Ok, maybe not that. So what if I'm studying here in UiTM? At least I get to meet all these great people that I call friends and not get all itchy during winter. So what if my parents don't let me drive although my P is almost expiring? At least they care enough to send me to places. So what if people say I'm mourning, dull, trying to hide my figure, blah blah blah? At least, my black tudungs or whatever it is that I'm wearing is clean, pretty to me and not smelly. At least insyaAllah, Allah will like it because girls wearing dark colours is a sunnah. You know what, I could yack yack yack alll day if I want to. But will it make things better? Of course not. So just shut it, Azie. Syukur, syukur and syukur. Okay? :)

Rasulullah saw bersabda,
"Lihatlah orang yang rendah daripada kamu (supaya amalan bersyukur menjadi kebiasaanmu), dan jangan melihat mereka yang lebih tinggi darjatnya daripada kamu, jika tidak, mungkin kamu akan memandang rendah nikmat-nikmat Allah SWT yang telah diberikan kepadamu."


  1. I wish I could wear my many black tudungs, baju kurungs, dresses and jubahs everyday without people saying, "Azie, are you mourning?"

    ade jugak org bz body like dis!
    ignore them darl!
    dorg xtau harge jubah tue lg mahal dr harge2
    t-shirt+jeans mereka!
    i wish i can have a jubah atleast!
    i wish i could have morex100 blouse labuh smpi lutut tue..(i know you have more)

    p/s: ur husband will be lucky to have u!

  2. betul wani, betul!
    kite pun suke tengok, lagi sweet ngan jeans ketat n shirt kecik yg kalerful tu!

  3. hei!hahah!ade yang nak amik arab ke??haha..meh2 join k.dib meh..ololo..xkan smapai nak kene repeat kot..tadeklah!haishhhy!!

  4. wanie: Wanie, I feel like hugging u! ur so sweet! see? if i had been accepted by ipba, I would have never met a friend as nice, sweet, and sincere as u. thank you, Ya Allah. :)

    Romzi: TQ Romzi.. ur so sweet too. when are you going to buy your jubah? ;)

    Kak Dib: Haip! Xmau cakap sampai part 6!! hahahaha

  5. i owez love someone who knows how to find solutions when he or she already figured out what's the problem.

  6. The jubah! I made friends with a few UPP students from Yemen and one of them promise to buy a thobe when he go back home this semester break!

  7. if i had been accepted by ipba
    ipba tue ape cik azie?
    ngee!~ :D

  8. Tedy: am I one of them Tedy? ;)

    Romzi: Romzi!! Thats great!! Wahh, I wanna be friends with people from Yemen jugaklah camtu! :p

    Wanie: saya direject oleh Institut Pendidikan Bahasa Antarabangsa to do Tesl overseas. :p

  9. azie, kaknad baru pasan yg azie dah moved!! sorry, i'll tuka ur link kat my blog asap k! :D

  10. Oh sila2 Azie, diorang study kat INTEC gak skarang, sonok.

  11. hola hola....first time read blog azie nie...nicely written.... enjoy reading mine too....mine mite be boring to u guys coz i write mostly on global issues which only some people find it interesting... :)

  12. I should've taken arabic too coz at least I can replenish my 'rusty' knowledge on Arabic rather than sounding like a Thai when uttering Mandarin..

    Oh yeah Azie..just remember this, everything happens for a reason..ada hikmah atas segala yg kita x dpt coz usually Allah will surely give us something better in return, HE always does.


  13. Wanie: yupp, insyaAllah I will. :)

    K.Nad: hehe orait!

    Romzi: okkk, nanti saya cari mereka! :p

    Fahim: Thanks Fahim, I will!

    Acad: HAHAHAHA a Thai? thats funny. I knoww, atleast we have the basic so we just have to continue with it. Hmm, tapi tulah, that is very true. I believe there is a hikmah of all this too.

  14. I love this one, Azie.
    Sometimes we wish we could have everything.
    Everything to go our way.

    I fucked up my interview when I could have the chance to do TESL overseas. Now when I see my friends enjoying themselves at UK, I feel like the biggest loser! (not that slimming program!)

    When I see my friends got an A for arabic, I feel like "Darn! I should have taken arabic!" Been learning that for 5 years! and what I'm doing taking Mandarin?

    I love the hadith so much!
    Wish I could be grateful all the time...

  15. Aziz: Hi Aziz!! Nice to see u here again. :)
    Yupp, seems like we share the same experience. Destiny works in such unexpected ways. My friends yang tak penah minat Tesl tu la yg dapat pegi. Hmmm, rezeki diorang.

    And about our 3rd language. I guess we just wanted to try something new. And well, we learnt something didnt we? ;)

    And yes, the hadith is a great reminder when I'm feeling ungrateful. :)