Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What if I'm Pink?

Then out of the blue I met Gillian, and all my carefully reasoned arguments faded like mist before the sun. From the very first she fitted so easily, so completely into my life that I would not have cared if she had been blue or green.

-Ricky Braithwaite in To Sir With Love

Don't you just love that novel? Have fun answering Lit in ESL Classroom tomorrow guys! ;)


  1. Good luck.
    (i dont even read the whole damn novel)


  2. and thanks for the notes on Adrian Mole, deeply appreciate that!

  3. I have read Adrian Mole but the other day I chose to focus on To Sir With Love and it worked! =)

  4. Tedy: Tq :)

    Moja: To tell you the truth. I didnt too. Oops! :p

    Romzi: You're welcome Romzi :)

    Aziz: Good for you Aziz! I chose To sir too! I liked the question. Adrian's was too broad.