Wednesday, May 20, 2009

But I like red

I raised the topic the other day assuming that my parents wouldn’t take any notice about it and let it just fade away after a few comments. But to my pleasant surprise, they are actually agreeing. And taking it rather seriously. I feel like jumping to the moon! Up up and awayyyy!! :D


  1. don't geddit....

    r u proposing to ur parent to get married wit somebody....?

    if so, had to cross ur name outta "my list" then...


  2. Tedy: Adalaa :p

    Safwan: Oh? Im in ur list? Then I better take back the proposal then. Hahahaha.

    Taklaa, too early for marriage. Kut. ;)

  3. hm.. i thought that u like purple and black... hm.. hahaha! red?