Saturday, May 16, 2009

Habbat Nasim

That’s my twin sister, Syiqin. That’s a photo of her wearing my Mom’s glasses that she found at our kitchen. I don’t remember taking this photo from her but I found it. And I’m using it. :p

I’m not sure she’ll approve me uploading this photo of her here. But since we’re hundreds kilometres apart, I think I’ll be safe.

This girl has been called my sister since the first day we met. Each time we go out, there would be people asking us, “Are you sisters?” And most of the time we just say yes. Mostly to taxi drivers and shop owners. Just for the fun of it. At first we kept asking each other why do people keep saying that. We just couldn’t find the similarities. But now, after several photo analysis and endless comments by strangers, we’ve gave in. We agree. We were separated at birth. And we have different biological parents. But yea, we’re sisters. ;)

Anyway, I’m making this special post about Syiqin because she has turned 21 today. Yupp, it’s her birthday. Its kinda easy to remember, Teacher’s Day is Syiqin’s birthday.

So Syiqin, Happy 21st Birthday! May you have all the happiness in the world. And live a blissful life under Allah’s blessings. Amin.

p/s: If we’re twins, how come it’s her birthday today but not mine also? :p


  1. omh.its ckin's bday!!!woohooo.can u pls tell her i said happy bday.i lost her numb and i dont have her facebook.oh noes.and gv her a tight hug if u see her yea.pretty please with cherry and sprinkles on top;)


  2. aah serupe! :)) happy 21st shikin! :D

  3. Aina: No problem Aina. I will :)

    Nashrah: I'll pass on your wish too :)

  4. eh, ada org ckp muka ak mcm muka kau. cmana tu? kira we ols ni sisters la eh? hahahah~

  5. aiyoohh...i forgot bout her bday..huhuhu..
    bad.bad.bad housemate+sister.
    pang(tampar diri sendiri)

  6. Herne: Ooh ey? Takpelah Herne. Camnilah. Walaupun xde org ckp muka kita serupa, we'll still accept u. Come Herne, I'm giving u a hug. :p

    Kak Dib: Aiyooo tatauuuu. Sakit tak tampar diri seniri? Sbb klau tak, azie bleh tolong hehehehe.

  7. ayoyoyoyoyoyo sebijiklorhhh..... :)