Saturday, May 16, 2009

I don't like orange either

The weather outside is just so beautiful. Stayed there for awhile enjoying the wind. I am alone. Again. I guess it does get a bit lonely sometimes. And then there’s the noises from Atam lah, squirrels lah, fox lah, all kinds of species lah. All got at my house. Sometimes I wonder if the noises really do come from someone or something besides the animals, would I even care? Because I get so used to ignoring them. Unless they come running in front of me. Like the day Atam chased a squirrel who may have been trying to steal some of the popcorn. Hehe it was so funny seeing them playing tag like that.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do today instead of watching tv and checking my mail once in awhile. It does get a bit boring to open the same sites over and over again. I need something new. I keep watching the same movies that were on too. Watched Four Weddings and a Funeral twice yesterday. Not quite sure why. My phone has long been tuned to holiday mode. I check it twice a day, I think. And that’s when I remember about it. I’ve been trying to finish some of my old novels that I have left half way. And reading it here, in my room actually makes the story much better than it was when I read it at Shah Alam. I actually think I can finish those novels. I think the bed has to do something with this. And the lighting. Oh and come to think of it, I think the condition in the room also made me less enthusiastic to read it there. The room just gets too hot and bright sometimes. So yes, I do get that easily influenced by the environment when reading.

Why I’m writing about this, I don’t know. But I don’t care either. I just feel like typing and typing and typing without caring to reedit or what not. My back has become worse. Papa and Mama were even hesitant to leave me alone this morning. But I convinced them that I’m ok. I am actually. Yup.

Had toasted tuna sandwich for both breakfast and lunch. Will have it for dinner too. I just discovered that Atam is in love with tuna. She kept asking for it that it got kinda annoying. Being a very picky eater and a spoiled cat, I thought she wouldn't like tuna with all the ketchup sauce and all. But she did.

Ok, that’s it for today. Another insignificant post accomplished.

The truth is, I miss you.

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