Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Menuju Puncak?

I actually like the idea of moving. Of making changes. And experiencing new environments. Let's hope for the best for all of us, shall we? :)

Oh and.. MERDEKA! hehe.


  1. merdeka juge!
    tp x puas jwb exam smlm sbb tga sakit :((
    berhrp yg terbaik jek ;)

  2. and.. everyone of us will have to stay at the residential college and it would be good perhaps because we will be like when we were in lendu dulu.. suma org lagi unite... and mcm cool and happening ja.. tp being there would be out of civilization... hulu.. jauh... boring....

  3. anyway, mmg betul2 pasti kita ke puncak? dngr rumours gitu2 je

  4. tedy: yeay!

    wanie: ohh yekee. sbb tu ke wanie kuar awal? takpe2, doa banyak2 k? :)

    Firdaous: tulaaa, I know. the good thing about is, bleh jimat. xlah nak pi bershopping ja. insya Allah laa. :p

    Romzi: I have no idea too actually. But I wouldnt mind moving. :)