Sunday, June 21, 2009

I have his smile, too.

Not really sure about the 'clever' part. But gotta admit, I am who I am because of that guy with the beard and glasses. Need to add one more thing though. Songkok. Hehe now that's perfect.

Dear Papa,

I look up to you so much that I sometimes wish I could be exactly like you. Well, I did get that 'glasses' part hehe. There's too much that you've accomplished in life that has made you a great man. But its the little things that you do, like buy us clams and force us to eat them because you love them so much that you must share them with us although we've told you a thousand times that we think it tastes like rubber, that makes us really grateful to be your kiddos. ;)

Happy Father's Day, Papa. I love you.

(Don't you just love that card? Can't remember where I found it though. Found it like last year and saved it especially for Father's Day.)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Si Tuah

That's my not so little brother, Aiman. Guess I haven't really introduced him to you guys have I? Well, Aiman.. Meet my blogger friends. Blogger friends.. This is Aiman. (And if this really did happened in real life, most probably he would just say, "Hmm.. Hi" because unlike me, he's not really a chatter box to strangers.)

Aiman is 18 today. And I still havent wished him. Simply because I'm a good sister hehehe. Well actually because we're planning a surprise for him later this evening. Hope he'll be surprised.


Hidup ni kalau tak dapat keredhaan Allah, takdak gunanya. Kaklang rasa Aiman lebih tau tu dari Kaklang kan? So, jadilah insan yang berguna. And please, stay away from girls. They are dangerous.

Happy 18th Birthday, budak! May Allah bless you always.

(Aiman'll kill me if he found out that I put that second photo of him. So maybe if later, that photo is no longer here, you guys would understand that I was given a choice to be given a Pedigree or just delete that photo. In the meanwhile, please enjoy it while you can.)

Monday, June 15, 2009


Remember the makeover that I mentioned before? Well.. Could this be considered as one?

And yes, it was done in that order. Left to right.


Pss: Been wearing skirts. Parents are thrilled haha.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hey You,

Now flash me that perfect smile of yours. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Only ONE tear came out

Congratulations dudettes! You guys totally deserve it. Too bad I can't join you guys for the dinner. Takpelah, kita main tukar-tukar pulaklah kan? Kali ni korang pulak tapau makanan lebih untuk aku hahaha. :p

I'm actually surprised that I'm handling all this quite nicely. Guess the "be prepared for the worst" chanting that I had for the whole day actually worked. And my study week was really well spent. I went back to Penang TWICE and had a nice vacation with my family at Terengganu just before the PTE paper. So yea, I'm blaming myself. :p

Alaa it's not really the end of the world kan? There's always next sem. I'm just grateful that I didn't have to repeat Korea. :)

Congratulations also to the other many hardworking people out there. You guys rock!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thought so

Hehehehehehe Adam has a crush on Kris. Surprise.. Surprise.. Well, perhaps not. :)

Read here for the story.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Early Notice

photos taken from here

photos taken from here

photos taken from here

I'm not really a shoe person but I dream for wedges (and heels) like these. And I mean that literally.

Have only been able to stare at them at online shops and such. Reasons:

1) Can't afford them.

2) May trip for insufficient gravity support.

3) Will be considered as 'Azie The Giant' for wearing them.

With that said, I shall again try my luck here. August is not that far away. Could someone give these shoes for my birthday? (Imagine the cutest version of Azie possible.) I'll love you forever. ;)

p/s: It has never been about brands for me. If you found something as gorgeous, I'd still love you forever. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Almost There

Dear Someone,

Either Malaysia has too much red motorbikes.. or I just miss you too much.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Status: In a Relationship

When Alif met Balqis, he fell in love at first sight. And when they became closer, he found out that Balqis had this laugh with a snort at the end which he thought was adorable. Alif also admired the way Balqis was so good with kids. At that moment, he had this beautiful picture of Balqis as his wife and the mother to his children. He was convinced that Balqis could complete his life and they would live happily ever after.

Balqis realized that Alif always stole glances at her. She pretended that she didn’t notice. But as they got to know each other, Balqis was attracted to Alif’s honesty. Alif didn’t pretend that he was someone else to impress her. One day, as she was stealing glances at him also, she saw that Alif secretly gave some money to an old man after helping him cross the street. At that moment, Balqis had this beautiful picture of Alif as his husband and the father to her children. She was convinced that Alif would complete her life and they would live happily ever after.

Alif and Balqis were both deeply in love. Alif would come up with these funny stories to cheer up Balqis whenever she was having a bad day. Seeing her happy, made him happy. Seeing her sad, made him even sadder. Balqis learnt how to cook laksa because she knew that it was Alif’s favourite. She didn’t like laksa at first, but she made herself like it. Whatever Alif likes, she’ll like. Whatever Balqis dislikes, Alif will dislike it even more. Alif would never hurt Balqis because she was too precious to him. Balqis would never hurt Alif because he was one of a kind. They knew that having each other made them happy.

Alif and Balqis appreciate and take extra good care of their relationship because they know how important it is in making them happy. Without each other, it seems like there is no reason of living.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could put as much effort in taking good care of our relationship with Allah swt? Why wouldn’t we? After all, Allah is the reason we are here in the first place.

Alif and Balqis fell in love because Allah made them fall in love. Everything is from Allah. From every single cell in our body to every single thing that we can or cannot see, feel or touch. Everything.

But why do we always make Allah hurt by our wrong doings? By not being grateful and by not following his orders. We claim we love Him. But would we really hurt someone we love?

Alif and Balqis could see and feel how having each other could make them happy. They could feel the love by holding hands or even by just staring into each other’s eyes. And when they are apart, they’ll miss each other like crazy.

But with Allah, we just forget. Being humans, we do that a lot don’t we? We forget that everything is from Allah. We forget how taking good care of our relationship with Allah brings us happiness, victory and peace of heart. We forget because as usual, humans tend to forget things that they can’t see or feel.

After several years together, Alif forgets how special Balqis is and falls in love with another woman. Balqis got so hurt that she didn’t want to have anything to do with Alif anymore. Balqis, too went out and found another man. Alif and Balqis forgot the special relationship that had once made them so happy. When they were in love, seeing each other with different partners would make them both angry and hurt. But now, they no longer cared for each other’s feelings. What makes Alif happy, makes Balqis unhappy. What Balqis likes, Alif dislikes.

When we forget why we, humans are created, we live life with the wrong purposes. We were supposedly created to have a good relationship with Allah. To make Him happy in everything we do. But because we forget, we couldn’t be bothered what Allah likes or dislikes. We live life according to how we want it to be. And this makes Allah angry and He gives us signs that He’s angry or disappointed. But we don’t care. We want to do things our way. Because it’s more fun and easy. And Allah becomes more and more upset, angry and disappointed that He starts to ignore us. So He helps us to live life like how we want it although it’s the wrong one.

After several months together, Alif realized that he misses Balqis’s snorted laugh. He wants her back. Balqis suddenly realized that she misses Alif’s funny stories. She wants him back. They admit each other’s mistakes, ask for each other’s forgiveness and the rest is history. The feeling that they once had blossomed into something more beautiful.

Allah, being The Most Loving, doesn’t want us to suffer in the life here after. So He keeps giving us warning after warning. To some, those warnings suddenly create an awakening. They suddenly see the light that has been taken away from their lives before. So they spend days and nights of crying for forgiveness to Allah. Always forgiving and merciful, Allah welcomes those who finally remember. Despite all the things that they could do as they wish before, they now understand why they have always felt like there was something missing in their lives.

I’m sorry if this is a bit confusing but what I’m trying to share is that without realizing the reasons of having a good relationship with someone (or what I would like to point out) with Allah, humans would not see why they should do so. Without remembering how their love makes them happy, Alif and Balqis couldn’t care less for each other. So, for us to create a good relationship with our Creator, we have to understand that without Allah, there is really no meaning of life. Because like I’ve said again and again, everything is from Allah.

It may be easy to say that we need to remember to take care of the relationship. But how do you actually do it? What I have learnt is, we constantly need to talk about Allah’s greatness. And to always see the hikmah behind everything that happens. Always see a glass as half full. Praise and praise and praise Allah for everything that He has given us.

Because when Alif loves Balqis, he would have 1001 nice things to say about her. Saying nice things and doing things that she please, makes Balqis happy. Everything that Alif does, he’ll remember Balqis. With Allah, if we always talk about His greatness, InsyaAllah it’ll stick in our minds and will be embedded in our hearts. And everything that we do, we’ll remember Allah. But most of all, when we keep doing that, Allah will be happy with us and what more do we want than having Allah’s blessings in everything we do.

Rasulullah SAW bersabda, “Sesungguhnya apa-apa yang akan Aku lakukan terhadap hambaKu adalah mengikut sangkaan hambaKu terhadapKu, dan Aku bersamanya apabila dia mengingatiKu. Jika dia mengingatiKu dalam hatinya, maka Aku akan mengingatinya dalam hatiKu, dan jika dia mengingatiKu dalam perhimpunan, maka Aku ingati dia dalam perhimpunan yang lebih baik (iaitu dalam jemaah para malaikat yang maksum dan suci dari segala dosa). Apabila hambaKu mendekatiKu sejengkal, maka Aku dekati dia sedepa. Dan apabila dia datang mendekati Aku dengan berjalan, maka Aku dekati dia dengan berlari.”
(Hadith riwayat Imam Ahmad, Bukhari, Muslim dan lain-lain.)

P/s: As usual, this is a reminder to self and I just felt like sharing it with the special readers I have here. :)

P/ss: Alif and Balqis are totally fiction.