Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Early Notice

photos taken from here

photos taken from here

photos taken from here

I'm not really a shoe person but I dream for wedges (and heels) like these. And I mean that literally.

Have only been able to stare at them at online shops and such. Reasons:

1) Can't afford them.

2) May trip for insufficient gravity support.

3) Will be considered as 'Azie The Giant' for wearing them.

With that said, I shall again try my luck here. August is not that far away. Could someone give these shoes for my birthday? (Imagine the cutest version of Azie possible.) I'll love you forever. ;)

p/s: It has never been about brands for me. If you found something as gorgeous, I'd still love you forever. :)


  1. my my!
    they sure are pretty!
    and sexy!!!!

    I dont know why but I think women in heels are undeniably sexy!

    and sometimes women in purdah too.
    weird ha?

  2. Acad, they look sexy and the wearers feel sexy. Well at least thats what they say. ;) For me, wearing heels make me feel confident. Cant really explain why. :p

    Purdah are sexy because they're mysterious. And I know that men like that mystery factor. ;)

  3. waa azie, i love the shooeess! oh but from my experience, wedges do provide sufficient gravity support. and they're comfy too. :D so i think purchasing them would be ok hehe

  4. hehehe. i love wedges. but hardly put them on. :) ngeeehe. azie, mcm supermodel la u nti da pakai.

    busan muslimah :) wink!

  5. Nahsrah: Tulaa, I bet they are comfy. Especially the kinds in the 3rd photo. Aaaaa cantiknyaaa. About the support hehe Im gonna tell u a secret. I trip with flats. Yupp, flats. So thats why Ive been kinda scared of wearing very high shoes. But maybe with lots of doa, I shall try one. Wish me luck! :))

    Tedy: Tedy, why hardly put them on? Alang2 dah ada, pakailaa. :)Nanti jumpa Tedy, nak tgk Tedy pakai wedges.
    Busana Muslimah ey? Rasanya Muslimah patut lebih bersederhana kan? Hehe.

  6. lurve those shoes lots! i noticed we kind of have similar taste fo them. the ones that wrap around your feet firm. hehe whenever i blog/onlineshop-surfing with my friends and pointed these kinds, they usually go: "girl u always like the 'sturdy' kinds while ur feet are smallish!" wuwu.. i like the gladiators yet so far i'm wearing more of the mary-jane flats. ;P

  7. Iliana: We do? Wahh, we have more similarities than we thought huh? ;)
    You're petite arent you? So wedges are created for you! hehehehe. Mary jane flats. Aaaa they're so adorable.